TA allowances

I am just after some answers reference allowances using JPA in the TA,
is it true that when you are away from your unit on a course etc you can claim an allowance for your phone calls, newspapers etc, if so how do you go about it? Also is the problem with using your own vehicle to travel to courses a TA thing, or just my unit, any help would be gratefull thanks.
You are talking about Incidental Expenses (IE) which are payable at a set rate of £5.00 per day when you are away from your duty station on course or temp duty. You do not get it if you are in field conditions. There are several regulations relating to using your own car to travel for a course. The first is that you must have the correct insurance. I would guess that currently your unit would not be happy with you taking your own car as it is more expensive than hiring you a car or sending you by train depending on where you are travelling from - to.

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