TA All Arms Skill At Arms Course - HELP!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MicknDarcyJo, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I've just been told by my unit that i'm on the next TA All Arms SAA course in March. What weapons systems do I need to know other than pistol, rifle and LSW?

    Does anyone know the content of the course, as I doubt i'll get joining instructions until just before the course is due to start....

    Is there any special equipment i need to take down with me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated....


  2. Mick,

    Did mine about 4 years ago so it might have changed. We only covered L85A1 and L86A1 (Rifle and LSW). But you're not there to learn the weapon systems (you will but that's coincidental), you're there to learn Instructional Techniques. It's the "How" to teach not "What" to teach principles that are important. Took me several days to appreciate the difference and by then I was in catch-up mode.

    Good luck and enjoy. :)

  3. Thanks very much.....

    I was led to believe that I'd also have to know the workings of the gimpy and the minimi.....which made me panic a wee bit due to the timescale.....

    Much appreciated..... :D
  4. How long is the course? I was thinking of doing it myself.
  5. Its a 2 week course....down in Brecon, or so i'm told......I really dont know that much about it, hence my questions on here!! Any more info about course content would be invaluable...


  6. One of mates has done it i'll grab him for answers, not sure whether tactics are covered on the TA course, apparently quite intensive and apparently first few days is taken up by the coaching side- so those with CMCQ already are at an advantage. i'll check the above and try to get more answers. quite fancy doing it myself but im probably banned from going on any more courses with devillish!!!! due to previous drink related mischief!!!
  7. Hiya WNB

    just a quick note can you ask your mate that did the course did he pick up any new disks with the lessons on, so i can reprint them when i went on it there was a disk flying around with all the info on be nice if i could get a copy of him

    I did mine in march 2002 dont know if you was on the same course
  8. I've got some CD's i got from a regimental training team a year or so back, that covers fieldcraft, weapons handling etc...would they be the disks that you're on about?
  9. it might be you would need to have a look f there is anything under rifle lessons or SAA tag or anything will be appreciative if you could have a glance there is now 17 rifle lessons i beleive, with 4a then there is 1 - 16 apposed to the old 1-15,
  10. ok...i'll have a look when i get in from work and let you know.....
  11. any luck MnDJ
  12. Sorry Watto.....got a bit too busy at work and forgot to check....

    I'll try and have a look tonight....I'll also dig around the unit and see what i can come up with....

    Is there anywhere on ARRSE to post lesson plans etc?
  13. I did this course last year.

    As said before the TA AA(NCO)SAA Intr Course covers how to teach not what to teach. It will only cover the L85A2 and L86A2 weapon systems Note that it now does not cover the A1 anymore.

    You need to get hold of an A2 Pam and read up the lessons.

    You will cover the following ish (it may have changed as it often does)

    Week 1

    Sat - Course Reception
    Sun - RL 1 + 2, Fault Checking, FC 11
    Mon - Types of SAA periods, RL3, RL4+5, FC12, NS
    Tue - RL4, 5 + 8, Live Firing 1,2 + 3, NS
    Wed - Intro to Coaching - Grouping, Student TPs, NS
    Thu - Coaching - App of Fire, Student TPs, NS
    Fri - Prog Test, App of Fire (SAT), Student TPs, NS
    Sat - Private Study (possibly we did not get any time off!!)
    Sun - Coaching - LSW, LSW LF1, LSW 2, FC13, NS
    Mon - Live Fire 4, NS
    Tue - LF 7 + 9, NS
    Wed - RL 10 + 11, Student TPs, NS
    Thu - Final Written Test, Student TPs, NS
    Fri - Final TPs
    Sat - Course Dispersal

    RL - Rifle Lesson, FC - Field Craft Lesson, NS - Night Study, LF - Live Fire.

    As you can see there is a lot of night study and you will need it, LSW 2 is the fatherless lesson to get.

    The course is run by SASC bods who are great guys but take no prisoners.

    Good Luck with the course it is a good one to have and if you pass it (which I'm sure you will) you will know that you can call yourself an instructor.

    Do not expect it to be a TA type attendance course it is not, the SASC guys will expect you to have the same level of competence as the Regular students have (and rightly so) and they will not make allowances, just because we are part time.
  14. Also be prepared to learn paragraphs from the Pam and be able to recite them almost parrot fashion.

    The first few lessons you get will be RF's given by the SASC Instructors, do yourself a favouir and make as many notes as you need to on where the instructor was standing at any point in time, what they said, what they did. And then try to give the same lesson back to them.

    As said earlier it is not teaching you the weapon system, you should know that. It is teaching you to teach it!

    They are damn good instructors, and as yer man said, they will take no prisoners!
  15. Cant agree more with the last two statements, they are fantastic instructors & work by the PAM infact we even sat in one lesson with the pam in hand has one instructor started the main lesson rifle 3 & he spouted the pam with about 3 words slightly different from the pam & did about 2 pages of what we read they are magnificent when they do it & i agrre with the watching where they stand & how they do it, my instructor would give us the pointers to so that helps & he pushed me all the time as i was up for best student but just missed out on that, Yes you should know all about the weapon System & be prepared to have the FADS - Or Battalionisms knocked out of you cause they dont like it i.e there is no such thing has a forward assist if you say it they will pick you up, as it says in the pam it is known as a tap forward on the cocking handle.

    one of the lads had a new Digital camara that can record long amounts of voice & to that he recorded the all the rifle lessons & how the instructor delivered the lesson which is a real good thing beacuse as you are doing your night study you can listen back to this & take the notes you need from it.

    Good Luck all

    Nishka - Did you pick up a disk when you was down there with the lesson plans on or anything like that if so pm me please & can i get a copy of it