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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JP47, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Got chatting to an RLC TA lad and he asked besides 4 PARA how many TA units are Airborne, I mentioned all that fall into the SF role and 395 AD Tp RLC but could not find a definitive list,anyone help on this.
  2. 131 indep cdo sqn re (v) reroled a troop as airborne engineers, loads are para trained anyway
  3. 266 Para Bty, part of 100 Regt RA. Regiment is based in the Midlands, London and Bristol.
    All Regt Personnel can do P coy and/or the Commando Course.
  4. Fully qual'd para units are:
    4 Para
    299 Para Sqn RE
    21 and 23 SAS
    266 Para Bty RA
    144 Para Med Sqn RAMC

    others have Para roled LSNs:
    131 Cdo Sqn RE
    63 (SAS) Sigs Sqn

    (these below have the right to bid for P Coy but I understand its rare):
    395 AD Tp RLC
    the remainder of 100 RA
    457 AD Bty RA

    Any more?
  5. Thanks all I will pass info on
  6. I would like to know where you heard that one from ? I know the Bty is supposed to support 21 Bty but, as far as I know, they don't do the course, and I should know
  7. I have long been chairborne.
  10. 266 (Para) Bty is now 266 (Cdo) Bty based in Bristol. It changed sometime this year.

  11. 201 air assault battery (100 regt) took up their role in supporting 7 RHA
    with 289 troop in romford
  12. my unit is airborne and are currently recruiting ,its the, 2nd airborne mess tin repair unit (oxycetelyne burner) REME, we are actively seeking members of ethnic backgrounds as they are currently under represented. all enquires welcome phone BORDEN 5784589
  13. 144 Para Med Sqn have Dets in London, Cardiff, Nottingham and Glasgow.
    The Sqn has RLC personnel comprising of Drivers and Chefs.

    Hope this helps
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Anyone fancy running this up as a wiki page?

  15. 289 have some top bods there but since they where taken over by 201 things quickly went to rat shit. The title Air Assault Battery is a very loose title with regards to being airborne. P-Coy was scrapped there some time ago. Commando course has not been undertaken there since 289 Commando Battery was folded and turned into 289 (Parachute) Troop, part of 266 Battery (PARA). Which, as was discussed above, also doesn't exist anymore.
    Hope this helps. TBM