TA after doing time

A lad in my platoon has just been sent down for eight months for dangerous driving. He was a good, hard working soldier who had just volunteered for Afghanistan and who would make a good JNCO. Where does he stand when he gets out? Can he come back or is that it? Career over.

Any answers appreciated. Cheers.
He has to get his OC & CO to apply for his retention. Happened to a guy in my unit. It went to LAND with the CO's recomendation that he stayed in. He's still here. Good Luck.
Ive got a lad in my unit, who's been done for drink driving. He got 12months disqualified. 1st offence. No jail.
When he lost his licence, my unit employed him full time.
He's now back on the road.
Wheres the justice?????.
Hes even been put forward for promotion.
Beyond belief.
Sorry if my rant went off the thread tittle.
Good question, we can't recruit anyone with a driving ban, DD is even worse. However due to manning shortages I understand that a "view" has been taken and all cases are reviewed ie "we're so short for gods sake keep everyone"
half of the London Irish had records, that's where they were sent no one else would have them in the 80's! One's now a WO11..none of them were binned that I recall, all good chaps deep down, you would want them on your side in a fight, I especially remember with affection, the two Tommies, the most inefficient cat burglars in West London
Thanks for your replies guys. It may cheer him up a bit.

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