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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by KEH87, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    im currently in the process of applying for the TA, I live in Derby and know we have a TA unit here which is the Re corps (73 reg) which seems like a good move to increase skills etc, I'm 26 in full time employment in a desk job which I am bored shitless of now, I considered the regulars but think the TA maybe the umph I'm looking for. What I want to know is can you actually learn a new "Trade" whilst serving with the TA or will they actually be looking for people which experience? I have some welding quals from college from when I left school could I carry them on with the TA?

    Its either that or go up to burton and join 4th Battalion Mercian reg, which is another good option.

    Me twin bro is in the regulars (household cavalry) and I am getting the piss took out of me for applying to the TA! Do the TA lads/girls still get flack from regulars?

    cheers for yer time
  2. The only 'trade' that will be worth while in the RE TA will be Plant Operator or MT Driver. The RE TA don't have artisan trades therefore there will be limited scope to use your welding skills.

    73 Will be getting affiliated with its regular counterpart in the very near future and will have a specific role, this may impact on your decision.

    PM who your bro is, I spent time down in Windsor and I can also give you more specific advice as I am in comms with 73 Engr Regt

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  3. If your thinking of joining just to get a trade then think again there's not a lot there that go's over to civie street; ( well yes and no there driving and cooking ) and I'm sure I will be corrected. I joined to roll around in mud and shoot guns, and will help you get out of that rut in your life.
  4. H3

    H3 LE

    Isn't it called the Army Reserve these days and not the TA ... Rebranded !!
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  5. KEH87 - i am actually the troop sgt of the troop located over at derby feel free to ping me a PM and chat further
    i can give you an insight no problems

    Kybosh 2 times to day we have crossed paths thanks for help earlier (been with 73 for a few years 4 ish after serving with other ta units around midlands so can advise on best area)

    New role sounds good in my eyes - good for unit and good for RE reserve element - but waiting out on further info
  6. I've only ever been in infantry where the skills are largely a number of variations on how to kill people. I'm sure there aer opportunities to learn skills in the support arms, (in hte infantry too to be honest) but really, if you want to learn a skill or qualification you'd be better off just going to nightschool etc.

    The army might teach you something but on the whole it's more "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." as that famous septic said.

    In my experience the TA takes more than it gives, I've only stuck with it out of a (probably misguided) sense of duty.

    (The Duke will be along in a moment to berate me. Stand by)
  7. Think "thecoops" knocked the nail on the head, I'm not really looking to gain a trade with the TA/reserves ( should of worded it more better previously) I'm looking at gaining discipline bit of excitement and changing my piss poor personality, want to achieve something and I believe this is it,

    those who request a pm I will do shortly,

    many thanks for responses lads!
  8. Gaining discipline? How old are you? Also if you're a weapons grade twat in civvie street, then how is joining the Army going to make you less so?
    However, welcome aboard mate.

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  9. Not yet, still getting done.
    Should be "The Reserves" officially later this year so we were told.
    One Army - Regular & Reserve or so we are told by Division/Brigade!
  10. That probably says more about her than you...

    Ditch the bitch and join up proper.
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  11. hello kybosh

    hope you've enjoyed your time with (TA) reserve. I'm quite friendly with most of PSI's at 73 all a great bunch of guys, weve had some good uns since i have been here, the training major calls me son of mac (if you know who he is lol) as my quals are similar to his lol.