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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RIGGS, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. This is my first post here so i will apologise in advance if this is a pants question/post.
    Basically i am just going through process of joining, all bits and bobs have been done and attestation is last point before starting phase 1. prior to swearing my undying love for Liz i have been told they are waiting for my prev service history to arrive to make sure i'm all in order etc, they tell me they sent request off a few weeks ago now but still nothing has arrived, and until it does i cannot be attested. so my question is with this all being very close to the next course recruit phase 1, and if it doesnt arrive before the start will i have to wait for the next block of recruit traing and miss out on this one? which will be right pain as i have all my weekends covered and time booked off work for this set of phase 1 etc as i was told there would be no probs it would all be sorted before. To re arrange all this would be a nightmare. Do you think i'd still be able to begin or have no hope at all? sorry if this sounds confusing but had very busy day at work am tired and stressed out trying to chase up things i think they should be doing, there seems little interest in trying to help me out at the centre.

    Thanks all.
  2. Riggs, are you ex-Reg? And how long were you out before you applied to join the TA?
  3. Your in the same boat as me :)
    I am going on RT1~6 starting the weekend after next, I also have been waiting for my service record to arrive and have yet to be told weather I am going on it or not :(
    But as I have not heard anything, I guess I am :)

    *When are you starting your RT/GAP training?

    *Thinking about it now, I have not been told much either! I thought the TA was just like that anyway :)
  4. Left regs in 92. Appllied to join march/april 06, i have even rang Glasgow myself but they say they have not even had a request for records !! as i understand it next weekend is the start of the next block of training, so i thought it would be then but still i heard nothing. i dont mind phoning around but would have liked at least some contact from the centre to say either yes no probs we will sort it or no you'll have to wait. at the mo i dont know what i'm doing next week.
  5. You need to chase this. Fact is lots of people in the Army just leave stuff sitting in their in-trays.
  6. Aye. Just keep pestering your admin office until they get their finger out and finally decide what the fcuk's going on...
  7. Well I went and done my TAFS 1 & 2 before I was Attested so you should be fine.
  8. Never even done any TAFS W/E's took someone's kit who haddn't shown up and went straight to Grantham if your still switched on enough you might find the square bashing ect a bit dull and a waste of time on the TAFS a brush up n a drill night may suffice speak to your SPSI
  9. We didn't even do that hardly, spent most of the time sitting in classrooms learning about Military Law and Ranks & Insignia etc Zzzzzzzz
  10. ^that last bit of advice is worth following up mate. I got out in 91, joined the TA in 2002 and didn't do any TAFS or recruit training.

    Basically walked straight into the unit.

    i think you will need to 'prove' yourself initially for a want of words, but if you still have it (and most ex-regs do) then there might be no need to do the build up training.
  11. At my unit your details would be passed to the TM to make a decision. Usually it comes back as not needing to do any Recruit trg, however, depending on your details you may have to do gaps. This should definately be looked into.
  12. Riggs - Call up your PMC and get the girl on the desk applicable to your name to rush yours through. The reason it holds things up is that some Ex-Regs told porkies on their application to join, so if they don't see your service record they cannot proceed. I turned mine around in 3 days with some sweet talk and a big bribe!! :lol:
  13. A bunch of flowers goes a long way in Glasgow mate, good advice.
  14. Update: thanks for all your comments. am all sorted now, made a pain of myself felt like i was harassing the poor woman but nothing like leaving it all to the last minute is there. Have sworn my undying love for liz...again. ready to start this weekend. all good fun.
  15. RIGGS,

    Where are you doing your training???