TA - Advertising for recruits

How does your regiment advertise for recruits ?

Is it word of mouth ? Mates of mates ?

Or is it more aggressive, poster campaigns - leaflet drops in local sports centres/ pubs etc.

I'd be interested to hear any ideas, mainly so I can go back to my boss and repitch them as my ideas.
I think open days are the way to go, people get more interested when weapons and vehicles are on display for them and there family's can have a play around. Just reading a leaflet and a book is no good. I'm sure it would be great for us to mingle with the community too. More cost affective and good morale for everyone. It a win win to me


The problem with open days is advertising them! No support from CsRR, no budget for marketing...
Must be a Brigade Thingy, 51 Scottish has a Drive on in Sept/Oct.... Open days are a waste of cash, get the Caravan off your local ART get a PME/and hook up with your local ACIO for an Icarus event logged out for the place and town you want to target ask the local Council for a spot, and beg for MTD's for the boys and off you trot.... pick you team of lads off ops and just out of training....and able to talk to folk.

Works for us :eek:)
Get a couple of soldiers at supermarkets, train stations and other busy places with a sign with open day dates talking to the public. A sign and 2 days soldiers pay won't cost alot. Also uni and college assembly's etc etc
The 'local rag' angle is a good one if you are in a small town rather than a city with 10+ other units. swampmonster there's a national drive in aug/sep for the TA as a whole my point is there is poor marketing support for unit initiatives.
There are loads of good ideas in the TA recruiting section on here.
We're getting a steady flow of guys through the gate but the time it takes to process them and get them through the medical and onto a selection course puts loads off. then the 6 weekends training followed by 14 days recruits camp. If the RTC's and depots can't cope now how will the manage if this latest recruiting drive works and we get a sudden influx of potentials.
On a recruiting note big trucks and guns deems to work, in fact anything thats looks mean and happens to be green. Joe public love it. Town centre at about 11am on a saturday is full of young guys looking for something to do and we can give them that avenue. Its all about keeping them interested.Thats the problem.
The 'local rag' angle is a good one if you are in a small town rather than a city with 10+ other units. swampmonster there's a national drive in aug/sep for the TA as a whole my point is there is poor marketing support for unit initiatives.
The difficulty is getting the local rag to run stories on the TA (yawn they suppose). Two really good angles I have seen have been a local unit doing a sponsored event and handing a cheque for a fairly small amount to the local mayor for his pet fund. With the Mayor comes the local journo. The article outlined what they did, what a good thing they were and contact details for joining etc. The event was a sponsored walk of 6 miles carrying a set amount of weight in an hour and a half. Genius. Sponsored to do your MATTs, publicity, recruiting – a COs wet dream.

The other angle is jobs. The TA bring 30 part time jobs to X. The papers are full of doom, gloom and despair so this will be just the positive story local papers like to run with.

Finally, the army are running a national recruiting campaign between the 22 Aug and 19 Sept so link in with that in your local area.
We are looking at the same thing.

I don't think leaflets work on their own they need some contact with professional looking solider to sell it to them and the leaflet is there as a reminder to do something.

MTD I guess is the key and how much effort your OC wants to put into this area.

What I was suggesting to my COC were we should have a list of dates and locations of local events and break them down into 4 types.

1) Local Shows ( Car Show etc )
2) Local Annual Sporting events like 10k's - Race for life etc.
3) Town Centre Presents
4) Help - 4 - Hero's or ABF collecting / support at large gatherings such as football matches.

Each of these requires a different number of troops and equipment.

All need a recruiting stand with leaflets and things to draw them in like weapons, Video's, Vehicle's.

A show could require demo troops and a 10k run could use troops for race marshals and manning water stops etc.

By looking like we are doing something to support an activity as well as manning a recruitment stand we are covering more bases.

I don't think there is an easy solution as we would all be doing it. Not even sure if the above will work either as we only had 4 names at our last event.

cheers SnO
The difficulty is getting the local rag to run stories on the TA (yawn they suppose).
Easy solution (as long as you have the clearance to speak to journalists): Find one and offer them a continuous stream of good news stories about local boys/girls. Camp, overseas exercises, promotions, courses, Christmas Carol Concert, anything and they will rip your arm off.

There's lots of leaflets and posters where I live (the real tartan army part time ones) nut I never really noticed them, they just blend in with the countless other posters. I think getting 2 guys with rifles and full kit osprey included just standing round would generate some interest then you could put the posters next to them and have a recruiter to get people when they stop for a look.


Having seen all sorts of initiatives over the years, most with limited success, my key issues are:

1. County fairs/shows etc are pump. Old people and kids, with very few of recruitable age.

2. City centre demos/stands - same.

3. Lord Mayor's show - same.

4. Good media coverage followed up with a Google friendly websiteis essential - raises interest for potential recruit, and allows them to investigate further in privacy, rather than trying to get them to commit while out with their mates. Peer pressure is your enemy, not your friend.

5. Your recruiting team needs to be young, fit, smart and on message. Old, fat, standing around smoking tabs while talking to each other is not the way forward.

From the "duty grown up" perspective, I kept a very keen eye on return on investment. What is a "good weekend" from the recruiting team perspective is rarely a good weekends recruiting.
How about the most recent recruits wearing sandwich boards and wandering around the streets on a drill night? Or maybe we should turn up at Nursing Homes and present to the OAPs as part of the 'Firm Base'? I know, some A5 flyers with a picture of a rifle and send the boys out posting them through letter boxes? Maybe a poster or two in the local youth club or outside the 'chippy'? Best of all, an open day with a BBQ at the end!

All very 1950's.

Perhaps a coherent national campaign building on the back of FR20 with radio and TV advertising over a 6 month period supprted by bespoke landing pages on the Army website and regional HQ coordination?

Tricky one.

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