Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by johnnyVB, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Is the ADSC any different for TA recruits. Or is there a mixture of reg and TA?
  2. I`m going for 4 Para have been told they will get me on an ADSC that suits my shifts could be TA or REG.
  3. It's a mix of Reg and TA in Embra, don't know about other places.
  4. Its Glencorse im off to
  5. Its the same standards, I believe.
  6. ah good luck watershed and cheers Bravo. Im happy with my fitness and stuff so shouldnt have any problems! just wanna get there now!
  7. Cheers Jonny good luck to you too, just want to get it done to get stuck into trainingt.
  8. ADSC for the TA is just for TA. I help out at ADSC in Pirbright for the TA and it's the same as a Regular ADSC the only differance is that all the medical side of things isn't done at pirbright you do all that before attending. Hope this helps
  9. I have just recieved joining instructions for my ADSC at Glencorse, should I have an MOD travel warrant?