If it’s not breaking any site rules or security does anyone know if the AAC have a TA flight in the Midlands?

If they do I would really like a civi phone number or any contact details.

Any help much appreciated
"Sound like fun"....mmmmm....new paper flashing around on the future of the AAC TA.

Connect Flashy's keyboard tirade on corporate influence...the 757 HTH to Paris Mon - Fri and Chicken leg Jolly Fat General around the Uk Sat - Sun fun boys...future might be looking bleak :(

Fun...isnt that what people join the TA for in the first place ???
ORG Ill have you know I resemble that remark ;D

Retention is my aim dear boy.

Bet its helps with flying hours too.

Any way insult me all you like as I haven’t felt this good since my beloved club raised the League cup in 1980 and I am only just getting over my hangover from BH Monday

"Sounds like fun" refers to the practice of getting paid to fly, unlike those of us who part with vast amounts of money to aviate, in a manner that is generally less exciting than those who are paid, in much more mundane aircraft!!!  ;D

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