TA AAC Officers/Pilots??

Hi, Having looked trought the past postings on this forum I see that there seems to be lots of room for TA ground crew. I was wondering if it was possable to join as a pilot in the form of a TA Officer?

I think you need to have been a former Army pilot...or maybe already have a licence etc.....

Would be cool to try though.
99% sure you will have had to be a serving AAC officer/pilot. I can check at work tomorrow and let you know for sure.
A lobotomy and personality transplant are also required :D


I can confirm that there are no vacancies for non a/c officers within 7 regt. I know, i tried !
I was groundcrew and was reccomended to try for a comission but the AAC could not sponsor me. Sorry.


..........All pilots are ex-regular AAC. There are no facilities to train/convert civvie pilots to Army pilots. They basically do the same job as they did whilst in the regulars, in other words.

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