TA AAC for former Arty Regular

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gentlemans_Relish, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am sure this has been done to death, but my limited searching skills didn't throw up the required results. I've been out since 2009 (joined in 2003) and was wondering what I would have to do training wise if I joined the TA. I was a level 2 flaggie in my unit and would be looking to do the signals side of things in the TA. Unfortunately left before my lot went on Herrick, but did Telic in a quasi infantry role. I'm not massively keen on going through Phase 1 again, nor phase 2 signals, although I could do with a brush up on the latter.

    So, what would I have to do were I to join?

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  3. Technically you would have to do Phase 1 again, however if you have a decent unit there is some wiggle room, some however stick to the rules as its easier not to argue. Ironically sometimes its quicker to do the training again as the limbo you enter whilst awaiting sign off can take a while. This by the way isn't STABS being pricks, its rule put in place at Glasgow, so don't have a massive sad on if the unit can't get you what you want. you need to speak to the units recruiting officer/NCO as they have a better feel for the current opinion.

    As for Phase 2 training, be prepared to do it again, seriously its a lot quicker than trying to get you a tick in the box. If you were ex reg AAC and came across to a TA Gunner unit I would put money on you having to do the Communicator RA (TA) course simply to get you into a PID, we had a guy who transferred across from the RLC after completing the RAD OPs course, and he had to do it again, serious waste of his time but if you don't have the right course number you can't have it added to the your JPA account.

    Doesn't sound like a massive deal as you can do the job and still get paid, but the real issue you will have is when you get boarded for rank, its a complete paper game and if you don't have the right course in the right place your folder will be rejected.
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  4. I've recently finished phase 1 and there were a few guys with roughly the same circumstances as you, they all "requested / got fast tracked" and I saw most of them again on my output test. so not sure if it will actually get you much further ahead, and although it might be a bit boring for someone like you who has done it all before, personally (coming from civvie street) I found TA p1 to be a right good laugh. great fun.
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  5. It depends whether you have been out under 3 years.

    There's a new(ish) DIN out 2012DIN01-018 which outlines the procedure for serving regs, or those who have been out less than 3 years, who wish to join the TA.
    Benefits include keeping rank, reduced commitment (training days and MATTs) and straight in at Bounty level 3, currently £1440ish.
    These perks last for 3 years from you joining the TA.