TA = 4th Emergency Service and the Army Reserve

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Just a thought, we are branded as one, but in reality the TA is evolving into two seperate organisations.

    Take the TA infantry - they are really an Army Reserve unit, although they have 'Territorial' role as framework units for the CCRF. They essentialy exist to form Force Protection coys for the regular army

    Then take Signals (2(NC)Sig Bde), they are traditional Territorials, they exist to assist the other 3 blue light services (and armed forces) in major terrorist/natural disasters and I suppose now have more in common with special constables or part time firemen.

    The ways that you recruit for each group are very different, for the first group you'd sell action and adventure (for someone elses community), for the other one it'd be sold as a duty to your local community. Are we now two seperate organisations, sold as one?
  2. Mountain Rescue and the Coast Guard might have something to say about you claiming to be the 4th Emergency service.
  3. and the AA!
  4. Nah it's all about the RAC, A to B etc... :D
  5. A marginally blinkered view their Polar. If the TA consisted of Infantry and Signals units alone then you might have had a point, however, you fail to make any reference to RAC, RLC, REME, RE etc. Now I'll be the first to admit that I know the sum total of bugger all about other units responsibilities but I'll wager that every Regt, Corp, Guide unit etc in the TA have at some stage had members called up for active service in a sandy destination and the non teeth arm units among them might get a wee bit snakey at your suggestion that they are a glorified home help.

    That said if you aren't a teeth arm you're still a big girls blouse. :lol:
  6. What about six, seven scots, 71 engineer reg and the scottish transport reg doing an ex at bishopton not so long ago- civilian asistance to a flooding with the odd jumbo crash thrown in.?

    link here
  7. Now now old boy where would you be without an armoured thrust!
  8. Thanks for the link. Yes I did generalise but which one do you sell to the potential recruits: civil disaster or temp agency for the regualars?

    I can't even sell the TA to my own family, they still think I run around shooting guns on weekends

    hmm ... I have no problems with the size of my :p :p :p ....... My sig sqn has probably as much inf experience as the average inf coy (cause most of us are ex teeth arms).
  9. Surely the traditional role of the TA was to provide the Army with cover during that embarrasing gap between the Regular Army getting itself killed or captured and the Conscripts turning up to win the war ?

    Once that wee hiatus was over the TA would then provide the middle management that did the staff work, ran the logistics etc while the few remaining Regulars promoted themselves to Brigadier.
  10. Been researching this recently, the TA when it was formed in 1908 was an alternative to conscription (yes I do know about the volunteers).

    In both wars regulars had accelerated promotion but conscripts didn't win the wars. The 'elite' units were generally a lot closer to home (volunteers vrs diluted regulars and conscripts)
  11. The TA has an invaluable role and even more so now since Blair has commited british troops to several wars on several fronts.

    Territorial units have a wide and interesting role many with more experience then regular counterparts but to say that they are an emergency service suggest that the regs are as well making them, if anything, the fifth emergency service but the RSPCA will be bothered then!
  12. [quote="polar

    In both wars regulars had accelerated promotion but conscripts didn't win the wars...... [/quote]

    There are a couple of blokes down the Legion who want a word with you...
  13. I have it on good authority from an acquaintance in the force that the 4th Emergency Service is in fact Pizza Hut.
  14. Blouse? :twisted:
  15. By the sounds of some editorials at the moment. The TA are Tony's emergency manpower. Whenever a public service ups sticks and complains they are pulled in to fill the gpas in shoddy public services.

    With the rate at which bits of the machine are falling off national service could be reintroduced instead of pulling people out pof employemnt (where they are actually working) to plug the gaps in the spendthrifts infrastructure.