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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MonkeyNutts, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. I thought I would reply back as it been awhile. Last time I posted I went of to my local TA unit and had my interview; also met couple of the lads.

    I have recently completed my BARB and medical tests which I have passed, and was told that my selection weekend would be on the 21st March.

    I was just wondering, if anyone else from here also has their selection weekend on the 21st March? I havent really been told what to expect so any additional information would be of great help.
  2. Hi
    I popped down at the end of January.
    I passed the medicals and barb (or I have that to come still) because they were still on record and had my selection at the end of February.

    If anything, I would just say enjoy the selection. It's not stressful at all, just relax.
    I started RT in 3 weeks time. Better start my running.
  3. Welcome and enjoy yourselves 3 R Anglian is busy and is set to get busier
  4. Welcome to the team, just go with the flow on RT.

    Because once your pass CIC, the real fun begins.
  5. Oh yes
  6. Regarding RT

    Say you have no social life and would like to speed things up. Is there a way of getting the RT weekends done in a quicker then every other weekend fashion? Do do you have to bide your time?

    Or alternatively, can you be a extra pair of hands for a extra weekend a month while in your RT phase still?
    I have asked, but because I was asking prior to passing the selection day the person I spoke to was unsure (it's fair enough, I could be a mong who wouldn't pass or a time waster).
  7. Yer, i was wondering that.
  8. Great minds Monkey.

    On a side note- do you work for a certain supermarket chain?
  9. I certainly do, rainbow but the name is changing to the co - op. Soon as I get into the TA I will be leaving as I don’t really like the job. So any more extra weekends would be good.

    I’m under a suspicion that you either seen me or know me??
  10. To answer your questions, (before the man love takes over) The only way to speed things up would be to do all the RT weekends on camp, however by the time of camp, you will passed that phase and working towards CIC.

    As for extra weekends, that is up to the PSI and chain of command, if they wish to let you come out and play, and depends on whats going on for the rest of the lads. As without RT/CIC there is only so much you can do.
  11. Many thanks for the input. I will see what the word is on wednesday when I'm down next. Don't try don't get.

    Monkey- do you hear that rustling in the bushes?

    Only joking, you aren't who I originally assumed

    *slowly backs away from the dining room window of monkeynutts house*
  12. Isn't 3R Anglian in Leicester?
    What was it like?
    How did you go about trying out? Did you just pop down on Tuesday night?
    I was thinking of joining there. How'd it go, what did you have to do?
  13. Depends where you are, there is one in Northampton as well, all over the East of England.
  14. I knew a girl like that once :D
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