TA 1st yr bounty value this last Apr?

Evening all,

Finally got round to sorting out a bit of pers admin and noticed on JPA payslip function that I was only paid £277 for my bounty this last time.

It was a first-year bounty, but that is less than the amount I got as a first-year bounty on my last engagement back in 2003 :? I'm no economist but surely the recession can't have hit that hard that we've got that sort of deflation 8O

Are any SPS gurus here able to tell me what the proper 1st year bounty amount was for this last Apr and why I might have been paid what I was?

Can't say I've ever heard of a partial bounty and I had gotten all MATTs and way more MTDs than I needed in any case... Is it just a case of something gone wrong with the pay system?
I'm no expert (and definitely not SPS) but I think the Higher Commitment (aka normal) 1st Year figure was £405.
I assume you joined last year and only served part of the year eg (9 months im guessing about 7) this would effect the amount you were paid.This was bought in last year, as yes, you guessed it, a savings measure.
I got in just before Summer Challenge kicked off.

Didn't realise the %age of the year you had done counted. Thought that MATTS + req'd MTDs = full bounty. Pissed off actually as I had probably done more MTDs than a few who had been in from Apr to Apr and still got their bounty!

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