TA 1st Induction weekend in Coventry

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Leee101, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have my 1st induction weekend end of May in Coventry.
    Please could anyone tell me what i can expect etc.

    Many Thanks

  2. Lectures on Optimal Power management settings instruction, and other tests I would suggest Lee.

    Probably taking the form of a short exams. For example..

    1.How many amps will I need to drive
    a) The Kettle
    b) The PS 2
    c) The Microwave.

    2. How many gallons of juice will I need to drive the Genny to ensure all of the above for the duration of the weekend?

    a) 5 Gallons
    b) 10 Gallons
    c) 2 Gallons, if I don't worry about such trivia as Radios and Comms Gear and the like.

    3. When packing for the weekend, what are essential items

    a) Spare PS2 Games
    b) Film DVD's
    c) Hot Pockets and Microwave Dinners
    d) All of the above

    There will probably be some physical tests too , which will involve carrying your Bergan over a set distance.

    No sure of the distance involved , it depends on how far the back door of your TAC is from the Garages.

    Please note, none of the above is serious, and is put here to put a smile on the face of one of your future colleagues , (The recruit stealing Baggage) :D

    Plenty of people from your proposed unit on Arrse Leee, so no doubt someone who knows of which they speak, will PM you presently.
  3. :D cheers Pogo very Insightful lol
  4. Made me giggle
  5. Ha ha ha PTP........ :D

    Baggage?????? Don't think you're safe just cos you're gonna be far away for a bit :p
  6. Polar will know!!!

  7. Lee I've PMed you. It's a pretty chilled weekend, just listen to what's asked of you and stay switched on. How did you find it yesterday?
  8. Take ear plugs so you can sleep when all the other tosser5 are chatting away at 2am. And a book to read- small enough to stick in your pocket (just in case you get stuck with chav dullards to chat to)! Good luck
  9. Thanks for your comments, Jonno will invest in some ear plugs then, and will dig out a good book, maybe take some Charles Dickens so the chavs will run a mile lol
    Tiger yes everyone seemed really friendly thanks.