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I'm quite impressed! I'm one of the few here who couldn't give a monkey's toss about TA100, yet the website struck me as very informative and engaging. Interesting too that included a page detailing the mobilisation procedure.
Quick...order your TA 100 whisky before the budget...on second thoughts.. :oops:
I was expecting to be unimpressed, but it's actually quite a good resource for media types with zero knowledge of what the TA/Army actually do...
Hardysa said:
Anyone know which agency is running this?
Contact Us
The Staging House Ltd
Spithandle Barn
Doves Farm
Spithandle Lane
West Sussex
BN44 3DY

Tel: 01903 810065


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Sorry for being cynical about TA100, but the logo is a bit...well...dull. Is it just me that can't see what it represents, or is it so simple it says what it is on the tin.
It represents the fact that they can't really spend money on getting a logo designed without there being outrage from the world and his wife about it being a waste of funds.

At least it doesn't need to have any longevity.

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