TA 100 Parade - Essex

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Well done....

    It's not often I hand out praise (only when deserved!), but last Saturday's TA 100 Parade / service / party was actually a very decent day....

    Mrs bibo and family had a great time and it only raises the question...

    Why can't this level of quality event be produced more often than the "usual" results?

    Anyway, hat's off!
  2. any photos or links to You Tube with vids of the only bloke that's in step? :)
  3. Couldn't see as I was carrying a sabre up front!
  4. wot - one of these?

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  5. Errr yes.... lol
  6. Anyone know if there was any media coverage of the event last Saturday?

    Beleive there was a 10 second clip on one of the local news progs, but can't find any links from any of the TV or newspaper sites.

    My missus want to have a laugh at us all as she don't believe that the entire parade managed to keep in step for the whole march!!

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  7. I was in step!!!!!

    (it was everyone else that was probably out!)
  8. there is a dvd being made, care of Essex ACF, of the whole event,

    it was a nice day, enjoyed the fact that 3 different OC tried to recruit me, oh to be wanted!!
  9. Depends what they wanted to recruit you for!!!!!!! :D
  10. lol, mainly comms stuff,
  11. So we you joining us !!!!!
  12. no i'm off on FTRS with 1 rtr soon hopefully