TA 100 Buck House party Sabre says.........

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Dear Mr BRL, Im sorry to inform you that your application was not successful.

    Oh well, Mrs BRL will have to wait till Ladies Day at Royal Ascot to put on her best frock!
  2. I'm amazed - last duty rumour I heard was that they were trying to drum up a bit more support.....they obviously know you!
  3. I'm shocked. I would have thought such knowledgeable and ardent ARRSE supporter and would be one of the first to be invited.

    I'll have a 'nice cup of tea and a slice of cake' on your behalf.
  4. what about your unit allocation?
  5. The thought did cross my mind!
  6. Can you bring me some home Dad?
  7. More chance of getting a silver jubilee medal to take home!
  8. Are they sending out individual replies or do I just presume because I've not heard i'm not one of the 'invited'?
  9. As BRL had a "no" I assume they're replying to everyone
  10. I believe the unit allocations are being sent to the unit. SaBRE are sending them out to individuals.

    My unit has got 18 places and now people are realising that there is no money incentive an awful lot are crying off. It's the Queen FFS, get a grip.
  11. Our unit didn't get an allocation!
  12. If you have being successful in being allocated some of the 1000 tickets for you and your employer, have they told you that you will have to pay for your own travel etc?
  13. My bold. Yup.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    What sort of incentive do you want?

    MTDs? Yup, perfectly acceptable use of MTDs. If your unit is not allowing MTDs it is a unit problem, not TA100.

    Travel? Perfectly acceptable use of the travel budget. If your unit....as above.

    Employer? Perfectly acceptable use....

    This is all down to how your units view it. I have seen instructions covering central TA100 MTD budgets that units can apply for and explaining that travel arrangements will be released at a later date.

    Start making noises in the HQ offices.
  15. Our unit had leaflets encouraging soldiers to put in an application; later it transpired that the unit had also an allocation of tickets.

    If one had been successful with one's application, then Sabre told you that travel had to be paid by yourself and your employer also. I assume that the unit will cover the expense when it takes up its allocation.