TA 100 and the walts

A valid post on the legion of Frontiersmen thread (cursed be their name).

TA 100 has the opportunity to become a magnet for Walts of all colours and descriptions including but not exclusive to stupid hat wearing Waltiersmen.

Danbury mint medal wearers (BAOR medal? Nein Danke!),
Univited parade bargers,
Fcukin Frontiersmen in their No1s and stetsons,
General odd bods in combats,
Coffin dodgers who have decided to add 'one or two' extra to bulk out their real medals
Pte Golden
Etc etc.

The list is endless sadly.
Is this a joke or a portent of reality?

We should all have TA 100 hip flasks and get p1ssed.
You mean theres going to be TA100 events? First I've fucking heard.
Thats the real giggle, if it hadn't have been for ARRSE I wouldn't know of any events, planned or otherwise.

Thats a bit shit really.
I've asked around at the RTC and no one knows of any in the area!
and some one said "i have a good idea, lets launch ta 100 on the 1st of april" a feckin tuesday when everyone is at thier civvy jobs ,so all you will see on tv is regular psi,s and nrps pretending thier in the ta for the medias benifit oh and not forgeting the odd student in uniform who just turned up to enquire about summer ( holiday) challenge

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