Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by army_uk1, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. hi evryone,

    im looking to join the TA, i realsied as a fat knacker i would have to loose weight and get fit.

    8 weeks ago i started my diet (cambridge diet) and my army fit exercise programme.

    i have now lost 3 stone and have only 1 to go to reach the max BMI of 28

    As i have been following a hardcore diet and a intense fitness programme i have been having 1-2 T5's a day to give me energy.

    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions to taking these before going into the army ie drugs test etc

    Many Thanks

    Dan :D
  2. I dont believe you can be penalised for driving a volvo, no.
  3. LOL for those who dont know they are a fat burner not a model from the totally modern volvo range. :D
  4. They are feckin legalised speed my friend !! I have a mate who was swallowing them like smarties and smashing backrows to pieces on Sundays !!
    Whatever happened to doing phys with feck all else but plates of stodgy food !! :D
  5. thats exactly what i want to do eat lots and lots of stodgy food and then try and then "try" and do phys. bloody hell i feel sorry for those in the "old days" only kidding. so you think there will be no problem if i carry on taking them
  6. Bin em mate. Reason being you cant take them with you, you need plenty of scran, decent footwear, a pair of boots to run in as part of your programme, some undulating ground, a few big hills, plenty of kip and a bit of commitment. Blokes have done it for years, its sh*t now to see lads strutting round with protein shake containers, no need, Grandmas food, and lots of it.
  7. T'5s have pretty high levels of amphetamine in so they send you nuts, they do really do the trick better than legal slimming pills though so you cant knock them for results.!
  8. And you cant knock a five miler at 7am, a bit of improvised phys in the yard, back in for a dhobi, and a bowl of quakers full of honey and milk with a massive wet of tea, do you inject vodka for the better results as opposed to drinking it ?
  9. T5's contain epherdrine (spelling???), which has been discussed a few times on these boards, try something like Thermobol or Grenade fat burners instead.

    Are they illegal considering there sold over the counter in many gyms? fcuk knows but do you want to risk it?
  10. thanks for the info guys

    if anyone hasnt heard of cambridge its a non food diet where you have four shakes a day.

    thats why i cant tuck into stodgy food cause iv been on it for 8 weeks and if i start eating again without introducing foods gradually i will pile it all back on.

    thats why im having T5's

    i have got some thermobol and it does absolutly nothing and i have some grenades but they have changed the compound since the last batch i had and they are a bit poo too any other ideas i can give a bash.

    will ephadrine come up in a drugs test
  11. Are general energy and protein shaker drinks allowed for adsc or even basic?
  12. Ephedrine in tablets/capsule form is a Prescription Only Medicine and should only be available from registered prescribers. Why do you think that is? Do you think it could be because of all the risks associated with taking it unsupervised? Or perhaps with it being overused - whereby your body becomes dependant on it and forgets how to make it's own natural version? Or maybe the other cardiac, gastrointestinal, neurological and respiratory side-effects?

    Of course, I am sure the supplies you are getting are properly licensed, quality assured and don't contain any foreign ingredients in them, such as other types of illegal or toxic substances. Oh - and you've checked that they are not counterfeit? And that they are supplied against a legal prescription.

    Good. That's ok then.
  13. There are no restrictions as such. Ephedrine is not an illegal substance. It can be bought over the counter in many forms. You can't test for something which is so common in everyday cold and decongestant remedies?

    Whether it is ethical to take T5 is an entirely different matter.
  14. thanks for everyones views,

    im going to stop taking them as i didnt realise the potential side effects

    Plus im just going to have to get used to running without them and get ship shape without them

    thanks again
  15. I think you are thinking of pseudoephrine, which is chemically related but not the same thing. It is a less abused substitute.