T5: National Disgrace continues

No matter what the actual circumstances of this Malaysian family, it shows just what utter cretins BAA/BA are to have allowed such a photo opportunity. By this stage of the farce, BAA/BA should have a manager on duty 24/7 with a platinum (BA airmiles?!) AMEX ready to head off any PR disasters. What price the publicity damage of this photo compared with, say, the cost of putting this family in the most expensive hotel in London?
You just have to accept that this is the way British big business treats its customers, The people at the top are not accountable for anything that they do, Thats Life, Britain 2008,
Compare this with the excellent airport in Kuala Lumpar,where this treatment of commercial passengers in this fashon would never happen,and it gives you some idea of the depths to which Britain has sunk.

In light of this total farce,the BAA or BA should NEVER be allowed to expand Heathrow any further,and any new airport built to serve London(not enhance BA or BAA profits) should have nothing whatsoever to do with British Airways or the British Airports Authority.

Any Liarbore minister associated with the T5 farce should be sacked immediatly(that's you,Ruth Kelly).Had the opening of T5 been a sucess,then the b*tch Kelly would have been on a TV screen near you taking full credit for someone's else's efforts.

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