T4 Campervan Curtains

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by saintpants!, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im trying to fit curtains on the rear windows, side windows and divide the sleeping area from the driving are with curtains,

    however i cant find any direction on how to do this in a van and what type i should use as the only information i get is conversion companies who charge a mint!!

    and links etc welcome!

  2. What type of van is it
  3. it's a VW transporter 92-03, try here www.brick-yard.co.uk these guys will be able to help no problems :)
  4. Google vw campervan curtains they are about £ 20 a full set
  5. The bloke who just gave me that info has just said they go from about £20 upto £150 I am talking to him on a campsite in Cornwall were we are parked tonight he has a rather nice puke yellow VW parked next to me
  6. is "puke yellow" a vw colour then??
  7. I think it's a self build but he lives in Cardiff so if I see it I will try and get a picci, but it's realy pukky, unlike my pristine white Fiat ducato
  8. Cheers for the info!!

    found a place that does them lined for 90 quid for 6 curtains
  9. Glad to be of help now you must join the MCC ( motor Caravan Club ) to realy get some fun out of it, we are all in Cornwall at the moment, I am sitting in my Awning about to move my LOC up to Badminton today, then back to Gods country ( Wales ) no one believes that I have broadband in a camoer van
  10. God bless these new dongles and the marvells of the net!!!

    i will do in due course as the summer is almost here! unfortunately the van is in the garage for the next few weeks so wont be seeing it!! grrrrrr!!
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    Do visit Northumbria.

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