T34 v Sherman

Gents I know the T34/85 led the N.Korean advance and that the US deployed Shermans to 'combat' the menace.
Did they ever join in combat and which tank was considered superior ?
Is it true that Centurions where issued "Canister' rounds and where these ever used to 'Clean' enemy troops off outside of fellow Cents ?
There were 119 Tank Vs. Tank encounters in Korea by US, North Korean/PRC forces. 104 US Army / 15 USMC.

M26/46 Series make half these numbers. M4A3, 76(W)HVSS destroyed 49 T-34/85s for 20 M4A3's destroyed(and there may be some M-24 Chafees in that number- Chafees in general Lost most engagements with T-34's)

At least 1 Centurion took out a Captured Cromwell at long range in 1951

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