T34 pulled from lake in Estonia

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Run_Charlie!, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Bleedin woman drivers.
  2. not like the krauts to leave their kit is a nasty condition. That armour is just plain filthy! Prussian efficiency just not all its cracked up to be I guess.
  3. Cracking find but I hope its not left to have bits nicked and rust away like other similar finds have been in Eastern Europe/former Soviet areas. I recall reading about a Stug III pulled in pristine condition out of a bog somewheres that ended up that way. I suspect that often these finds should be left in place until funding and facilities for their preservation and eventual display are in place.
  4. Don't know as much Aberdeen proving ground over at Fort Knox? is doing a mighty fine job of letting loads of them rust away quite merrily open to all elements and in a shite colour as well
  5. Are they still painted that crappy light blue colour that looks like it was on special offer at the local hardware store? These things should be displayed in their rightful colours if the visitor is to get any idea of their true menacing nature. Pastel blue tanks are liable to make the enemy die laughing. Closer inspection of the links in the t-34 article seem (my estonian is not great) to show that it has in fact been stripped and rebuilt. Theres even a video of the thing being pulled out and some frankly insane chaps merrily reaching in and handling live shells with several kids looking on. Supposedly they have restarted the engine without replacing any parts.
  6. There was an article about this in the latest After the Battle magazine. Its being restored (as if it needed it!) in a local military museum. I gather the engine is a runner, and didnt take much to make it so. They intend to leave the black cross on it and I gather the original Soviet army writing.

    The krauts apparently ran out of fuel, and rather than leave it for the Reds to use again, they rolled it down a hill. A lad of about 14 found some track marks leading down to the lake, and could see air bubbles rising from the bottom, so he know there was an AFV down there but not the type. 60 odd years later he told a recovery team, who dove down and found a pristine T34.

    Ive a couple of weblinks somehwhere that show a KV1 and a JS2 that were recovered in various places. If I can find them, Ill post them up.
  7. Try here for the KV1 find.
    Web Page Name

    and here for the Stug I mentioned earlier
    Web Page Name

    Actually that site with the Stug contains links for a great many finds of both tanks and aircraft from WW2. It seems finds like these are far from uncommon. Just how many more are out there waiting to be found?
  8. Erm, the T34 was russki!
  9. Not this one, it was captured by the Krauts and put back into service. Had Iron crosses and knockwurst holders, the works.

    Degenerate, thanks for the link. Here is another one with the photo of the IS2.


    BTW, if recall if you look at the Detectorweb page, there is some nice photos of a fairly well preserved Hawker Hurricane dragged out of a Russia Lake. Pity the tail rotted off.
  10. well thanks for that mate, i feel like a complete tool now :oops: :oops: :oops:
  11. Sorry. :wink: if its worth anything I thought it was a bit of a hoax when I saw those black crosses painted on the side. The chances of a German used T34 surviving the war must have pretty pretty astronomical.

    I read the other day that a Jagdpanzer Hetzer has been dragged out of the sea off the coast of poland. Not entirely clear how it got there, but it appears it was knocked out and coastal erosion did the rest.
  12. Edited to say........ I have absolutely no idea what I just said..............Sorry
  13. Aberdeen is in Maryland, Ft. Knox in Kentucky. There is an Armor Museum at Knox, which is pretty nice btw. They have a really old Mark V on display there.

    Sure you aren't referring to the cannon fodder stuff they have for testing?