T1 tech or IO Elec

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by low_roller, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Is it true that at Blandford 90% of the civvy tech instructors are far more knowledgable and twice as commited to the job as 90% of the mil ones?
  2. That Staffy is now a Fofs
  3. Done both and got out, Heard some what I thought were harsh comments made about the current standard of Mil Instructors. They were always excellent in my time so I defended them. The accusee said I was talking out of my arrse and should see it now.
  4. When i was on my T1 a couple of years ago it was about a 50/50 mix for the Civvy instructors. Some were very very good but some were very very useless indeed. From what i hear now though the good ones have had enough and buggered off leaving just the bad ones.

    Military instructor wise most were ok. The ones who had been there a while were good while some of the newer ones were just getting into the swing of things.
  5. I would say from my time there (In the past 2 years) there were possibly 2 decent civvie instructors and possibly 1 decent mil instructor. The depth of knowledge has certainly left Blandford especially since they announced the move to St Athens. I made a few mates with the instructors but i can definately say that even though a lot of them were highly intelligent they did not really know how to instruct.
  6. Are you sure you're not exagerrating a teensy bit? Surely there are more than 3 decent instructors in Blandford? Since no one comes into contact with every instructor or even every section or group during their upgrader or supervisory courses, I take it you're working on a representative sample from those who taught your single course and thereby applying that decent/pish instr ratio to DCCIS as a whole?

    As for St Athan, those plans were only announced in Jan 07. Surely an large organisation like DCCIS cannot lose depth of trg knowledge in 11 months, based on the fact that the jobs will dry up in about 5 years time. Just to be on the safe side, the best solution is for them to get you on that PD19 course, then get you down there to show them how instruction is really done. Then they'll have a whopping 4 decent instructors (an increase of 33%!) in Blandford eh? Winner! :D
  7. I am currently an instuctor in Blandford. It is not the depth of knowledge of the the instructors or their ability to teach that should be questioned, rather the course content that they are being made to teach. The problems are far more reaching than those that anyone on course sees on a day to day basis. Locked away in the offices you never see are a bunch of over paid, over rated decision makers with dart boards and budgets tighter than any Yorkshireman.

    Cut the instructors a bit of slack, they are doing their best with what they are ALLOWED to have or do! :oops: