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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Commando_Badger, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone heard the latest on the Tech Class 1?

    There is no longer a foundation course which must be passed before getting loaded onto T1.

    Apparently there are none of the current Class 1 courses running after May, until the new IS/Tech courses start.
    The crammer at 3 Div is full and I know 21 Sigs is running another. If other units are running them, is there gonna be enough courses for everyone to get on before May?

    I dont think there is, so a lot of people are gonna pass there entrance but get fobbed off for at least year (I'd Guess), because i dont think they have even started putting together a new IS/Tech combined Class 1 Course.

    If ive got this all wrong and someone can set me straight, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The new Comms Sys Engr Class 1 is scheduled to start in Jan 09 and they are plodding through all the training objectives now.
  3. There's one running as we speak (finishing tomorrow I believe). A lad from our place is on it.
  4. The last ever (!) T1 entrance exam scheduled for this month, going ahead as planned. Final T1 course starts in May, so expect a T1 foundation in April anyone that passes.

    As PD says, first CS Eng Class 1 now due to start in January 09 as it's still being compiled. It will be 36-39 weeks long, depending on what else is left out. There will be no "difficult maths" (not my words) or analogue electronics.

    The (currently planned) pre-requisites for this course will be the completion of a 2-1 workbook along the lines of Pot F(of)S TMAs, as well as attendance of short "crossover" courses (Techs learning IS stuff, and vice versa), still to be written.

    These "crossover" courses are not to be confused with the current 10 week System Engineering Competency Augmentation course. SECA is to make up for the current shortfall in deployable IS Engineers, and will result in the Corps "first official Class 2 CS Engineers" (not my words). Any current Tech attending one of these four SECA courses only has to complete the workbook, not attend a "crossover" course.

    This is the current state of play, obviously subject to change courtesy of people WAAAAAAAYYYY above my pay scale.

  5. Feck me, I hope all that means something to someone :? :wink:
  6. Yep, it means I'm signing off! :p
  7. How come, BW? Obviously there are pros and cons, but what are the major bits that tip the balance for you?
  8. Not really, that was just a silly hungover posting...

    There's a lot of bellyachers whinging at the moment about losing out on the opportunity to gain a HNC in the future. Personally I'm hoping that this new Class 1 course will offer a variety of entry-level quals (A+, N+ etc) that would give people the incentive to go on the course.

    My own personal view is that Techs who have recently started (or are soon to start) are getting shafted. Sure, you get a HNC, which is great if you intend to get out as soon as your time bar is up, but you're stuck in a classroom learning stuff which has absolutely no relevance to your day to day job. Like I say, just my opinion.
  9. I believe that there could be plans afoot to get N+ and A+ in the Class 3 Engineer course, as both sets of training objectives already match many of the existing RSTOs extremely closely. There is a study going on at the moment to identify where gaps exist between the two and whether closing those gaps would impact on training delivery.

    The MOD has certain types of rules which model occupational skills on the national qualifications framework. Level 2 includes A+ and Level 3 includes Network+, Security+, Linux+ Server+ and CCNA, so any of those could potentially form part of the existing City & Guilds quals or the NVQ apprenticeship thingy that they do. MCSE is up at Level 4 incase anyone is remotely interested. Not sure what quals would be most appropriate on the Class 1 course, however I'm sure people have their own opinions. I'd be interested in anyone else's thoughts to do with the whole qualifications issue.

    Remember the old saying "it's better to train your guys and lose them than to not train them and keep them".
  10. :D
    Still? Hope you are all happy. :D