T-T-T-T-Touch me......

Right the Rocky Horror Picture Show, good touch, bad touch??

I am currently watching this on ITV3 and I thoughtly enjoy it and laught myself silly at it. I'm pretty sure i'm straight but this is a very gay film, views please

new years eve, 2001 me an some muckers from my unit got dressed to the eyeballs for Rocky Horror at the theatre in bielefeld. I was dressed as magenta ( I,m a bloke, allegedly) the girls were dressed/ undressed in various stages. As we walked into the foyer of the theatre it was like the last chance saloon, pianist stopped playing, barman buggered orf and the whole place went deathly silent. All the germans in their xmas 'No dad jumpers' couldnt believe their eyes. We had a roaring night , every bar we went in after gave us free drinks and it was suprising how many women go for a man in sussies and bask. I hope they were women!!!!!! If you get the chance go to a live show, bloody marvelous!!

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