Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Dale the snail, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. Monica (AKA BBC) has been on at me to bother people for t-shirts. If you want a t-shirt, whether you are coming to the Christmas bash or not, can you PLEASE pm and let her know the size and colour.

    S, M, L, XL or XXL (in Baddass' case).

    Do you want your name on it? Do you want navy or navy (I am so prejudiced).

    BBC is keeping all the names, sizes and colour (navy) in "a book".

    £20 - proceeds go to charity. Don't be tight, have a fight. Don't be shy - be sly.

    Oh, and we are doing the recce on Saturday if anyone wants to join us.



    P.S. Baddass - I will pay for yours if you turn up.

    Before anyone asks - 1830hrs 4 DEC 04 - MOON ON THE MALL, Just off Trafalgar Square. Its a big f*ck off place, you can't miss it. Maps will be produced after the recce.
  2. I am not ****.....but, it should read,

    T-shirt info, please PM me with size, colour, number required and if you would like your name or user name included beside ARRSE.co.uk, Christmas Tour 2004, London and Union Flag on the left hand breast.

    i'll then let you know all you need to to give me your hard earned cash........

    Sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL

    Colours avaliable Navy, black, Bottle, Red, Royal or White

    Ta Beebs!

    PS I am not ****, just very, very organised...... :oops:
  3. Yes Monica. he he he he

    And we need to know by the end of October.

    You missed that bit, clever head!!!!
  4. Please can someone pm BBC about t-shirts. I have had about 56 phone calls telling me to put this back on the front page. Swindlepoint are making a fortune out of us two......
  5. and that marquee company when Baddass puts his order in :lol:
  6. If he wants it in green we have a spare 18 x 24 down here :wink:
  7. Might need a couple and get them stitched together :wink:
  8. Hey sluggy! Want some navy in you!!!
  9. Haved you decided on a charity to give the proceeds to?
  10. Yes Please Fishy.

    And we are waiting for confirmation on the charity.

    Keep buying t-shirts and keep BBC off my case.

    Yours, gratefully

    The Slug
  11. Navy with pink or Navy with brown :twisted:

  12. :(
  13. [quote="Dale the snail]


    OK both it is then :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Come on - buy the t-shirts.

    You don't have to turn up. Unless you are a George Clooney lookalike and are available :wink:
  15. It isn't difficult,
    you buy a t-shirt,
    I throw Dale in for free.......