T-Shirts now available...

Soldier,why? has managed to get an embroidered, Arrse T-shirt made up, pictures of the t-shirt and details of how to get your grubby little hands on one are below.

Please DO NOT contact the site Mods/Admins if you want to order one, all orders should be placed through SoldierWhys email address which is soldierwhy@aol.com

Obviously you will need to give your real name and address to have the t-shirt delivered but there is no requirement to provide youre arrse identity so you may maintain your annonymity.

If anyone feels uncomfortable buying merchandise from someone you don't know then don't buy one!

That said, soldierwhy has made his personal details known to the moderators and if anyone has any dispute and requires to air a grievance it can be done via Humphrey_De_Tiluel.


please note you do NOT receive a free leatherman with every purchase!!!


When this idea was first raised amongst the mods it was decided that whatever merchandise was produced with the arrse logo on it, a proportion of the cost should be donated to the Army benevolent Fund.

As a result the cost of these tshirts, including a £1 donation to the ABF, will be £7.80 per T-shirt, with postage free to a military address or £2 postage (per order, not per t-shirt) to a non-military address.  

Placing an order.....

If you E-mail soldierwhy@aol.com with sizes, colour and amount he will put these to one side for you.  

He will then e-mail you back with the details for sending the cheque (address, payee etc).  
T-shirts will be available in Sand, Khaki or Olive colours and M, L, XL and XXL sizes.  
Let's get this show on the road and show our ARRSES!!!

The observant amongst you will have realised that the logo used is the original Arrse logo, this may well be the only run made with this logo, get yerself a limited edition while you can!!!

Disclaimer: The owners and moderators of this website accept no liability, blah blah blah etc.


Excellent, trouble is will a wet Sand coloured one look as good as a white one would have? ;D


yipeee!! my left nipple arousers/nighties have just arrived! :lol:
They are lovely! :D Many thanx Soldier Why! :p


Right then, let's get this show on the road and really get ARRSE noticed.

Since we are all good soldiers (generally speaking - no pun intended) and we follow orders / the example set by our superiors, I believe that all members of the Army Board should be sent an ARRSE T Shirt to encourage them to find out more cost effectively than through CGS's Briefing Team what the masses really think. :D


1 - They might have no sense of humour and close the sight down / make life very difficult. (Answer - oh well!)

2 - They would be too embarassed to admit they haven't already got a T-shirt as this would ruin their credibility in the NAAFI. (BTW - anyone who says General Mike Jackson has no credibility in the NAAFI anyway can explain just how they would keep their feet up on the table and tell him to get his own coffee).


There are lots of us and not that many Generals. If we all clubbed together and sponsored them they would be able to walk proud and feel that they were 'as one with the lads', in the absence of their having to stag on, polish things, hurry up and wait, etc. etc.

I know that they earn lots of money of course, but in the longer term just think of the advantages of their being aware of the reality that is ARRSE!! 8)

I'll start the ball rolling by offering to assist with getting Lt Gen John Reith of PJHQ one - he certainly needs to lighten up... 8O
Anyone got a clue on the current unavailability of s/w? I've tried twice to
place an order for T-shirts but have had nil response so far.

:? :?:


Sorry about that NS, have just returned to blighty and haven't had reliable internet access for a while. I am now settling into a new post. There are some T-shirts still available, but unfortunately they're pretty low on my priority list at the moment.

Hope to have the distribution and supply back up and running sometime soon, so watch this space and I'll let everyone know when I can start showing my arrse again.

P.S. New E-mail address for orders - soldierwhy@soldierwhy.com


Welcome back Soldier Why! :D You were missed :cry:
Good to hear you'll be showing your arrse again soon :wink:
Thanks for that, S_W. Will make contact on the other means. :)
Sent an e-mail with details IM me back with any info.

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