hi, i'm trying to get hold of the old east of england regiment t-shirt or any new royal anglian t-shirts anyone know where i can get hold of some? tried ebay my search didn't find anything.
The Vikings PRI shop at Pirbright has t-shirts. But don't wear the Afghan tour ones unless you went it tends to annoy people. Try emailing them on r_anglians@hotmail.com for the te number.

Never had much to do with the Poachers, but I'm sure someone on here will have the contact email or number.

Try HQ 3 R.Anglain for the East of England Regt t-shirts

HQ (Suffolk & Cambridgeshire) Company

Blenheim Camp, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds.
Contact: 01284 752 396

E-mail; eeregt-hqcoypsao@tanet.mod.uk
Enquiries 0900 - 1600 hours Mon - Fri.
1930 - 2130 Wednesday nights.

Hope that helps.

Capt M

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