T-Shirt slogans.........

After seeing "If signals was hard it would be a REME trade!!" printed on the back of a t-shirt and laughing me t1ts off the other day just wondered if anyone else has seen any good ones?

My all time favorite was sold by Viz in 1990, "Feck Iraq, bomb France!" :D :D
Liek a cheeser I queued up at the PX on Granby to buy

'Hard rock cafe Bagdad, closed due to strong desert storm'

Never worn, gave it my old man when I got home.

Possibly the crappest T shirt ever was 664 sqn AAC, a green Gazelle with 'Hoot and roar with 664'
seen on the back of a 33 E.O.D. regt R.E. t shirt in the 80's.

33 E.O.D. if you see me running, try to keep up..
Whilst in the OTC we had some RA troop tee-shirts printed up. The front said Worm Tp, RA - a reference to our culinary experiences on a drill order at Ouston Aerodrome. Individuals had a variety of slogans which included:
"Aiming Point, Dictator" - GPO
"Gun line Sexual Banana" - GLSC (now a very respectable colonel of RHA)
"I dangled my 25 lbdr at Berwick"

and mine said "Sex Panther" - a reference to my habit of crawling up on one of the more nervy girls and scaring her. The day after the tee-shirts arrived, in Berwick, poor Susan Maxwell went missing at Coldstream. I didn't wear mine much that week!
I got one when I did a tour with the crabs at Lossiemouth (long story) ... "202 Will Rescue You". Cheesy.
Saw a T-shirt in the Gulf that had on the back:

"Op TELIC 6. It's sh*t and I'm getting out"

Nuff said
Best Iraq one was
"Iraq, It's Sunni and it's Shi'ite"
My other half (ex REME) had one.... instead of the horse on the globe it was Yogi Bear with "Smarter than the average Soldier" written on.
I saw a chundi wearing a t shirt in Kenya sporting a picture of Elmer Fudd above the slogan: "Be vewwy vewwy qwiet... we're hunting iwaqis"

On the civvi front: I have a t shirt bearing the slogan "I can't believe it's not butter" beneath a pic of a dog licking it's chocolate starfish.
INT CORPS - Making Sh1t Up Since 1940!

One of my own making that... Director of the Corps didn't think much of it...
NUOTC Gun Troop TShirts in 1998
Boys TShirt - My barrel is erect and ready to eject.
Girls TShirt - My breach is oiled and ready for ramming.
Who left the landing lights on?


crying shame!

now im not saying its nice but it did make me chuckle
Civvy: Bagdad weather report: 10,000 degrees and partially cloudy.
Mil: 21 Engrs Recce plt "Last to know, 1st to go".
A rather well endowed highland band musician chic is walking towards us, as she passes all heads turn to check out her rear profile, only to see printed on the back of her t-shirt
"stop staring at my tits"

Pure class
One of the funniest t-shirt slogans I've ever seen was in a Soho...err.... 'retail establishment' .... sniggered about it all day whilst trying to persuade my cousin to get one. He chickened out though, too scared of his fiance to risk it! :D [align=center]


is something my girlfriend does while I fcuk her
My brother in law gave me a T shirt with "Nobody knows I am gay" on the front. He also had one with "Ashamed of your mobile?" on the front, and "Get a life you sad cnut, it's only a bloody phone" on the back...

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