T-Shirt printing at Camp Bastion

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Blade-Runner, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Looking to get tour T-shirts made up back at Bastion. Embroidered badge on front and printed letters on the back. Does anyone know of any place on Bastion that does this? Cheers
  2. Embroidered badge on a T shirt?? why?
  3. They make them in all the shops!!!!
  4. Embroidery in Bastion is not a problem. There's one opposite the EFIs in both 1 and 2. Printing, on the other hand....

    Why not get the embroidery done out there and send them to a local firm when you return?
  5. thats the back up plan if printing can't be done out here.

    Cheers for the help!
  6. There's also a very good one in Leatherneck, right outside the PX. Their embroidery is better quality than the loons in BSN, they can also spell!
  7. Speak to the BSN2 barbers, they will sort you out. Just dont worry about the fact that when your sat in the seat, with one of the 3 blokes that are always in there and the cut throat razor comes out.....they decide to remove your head orange boilersuit stylee and not your hair!
  8. Just make sure you're holding your breath while you do it. There's at least one in there who smells like the living dead. Treat yourself, go to Leatherneck for your haircuts ($5)