T-Shirt Prices Dropped to 12 pounds and New Colour

We've covered the printing / design costs for the T-Shirts so have dropped the price - apologies to those who just missed this. Now 12 quid.

The dark blue Seen Your ARRSE shirts are in stock again.

New colour added - steel. My colour of choice:

I wear the olive one under my C95, bosses frown! (ha ha)

As he is now Mr Civvie, PT is no longer an option for him........but he is built for comfort, well if you like mating with a white, sweaty whale
I still get plenty of PT (chasing Mrs Medman round the bedroom to shouts of "feck off you fat tw@" but that is a different kind of PT.

As for white sweaty whale, D-L me and you could fall out. I like whales, especially with a side of chips and mushy peas and a couple of bread vans.
That means we have bought the same size shirt then. :) :)
Got my T shirt today, cheers, looking forward to wearing it and seeing if somebody recognises it.

Cheers again


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