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Can anyone cite regs to state what percentage of receipts are required for food for a JPA claim?
I'm about to go into battle and could do with some advice.
I've got receipts for about 90% or expenditure but could not always get receipts for food as we were running a kitty system for some meals. I've been told I can't get cash back for un-receipted food, but I'm gonna fight it...

I could really do with facts, or precedents.

Many thanks,

The Snail will appear momentarily to list you to death. IIRC you will need receipts for all meals etc. If you had a kitty system and there was only one recipe issued you should get your hands on a photocopy of the receipt. If you put in a claim and you do not have receipt for it but are called for an audit, you will have the claim refused and possibly be done for fraud. Hope this helps.
When you are ready to make your claim, make sure that you have:

• JPA User Name and Password

• Dates, times and details of your duty

• All receipts and written authority for your duty, for example: course joining instructions

• Knowledge of the current allowance rates that you are claiming

• Defence Hotel Reservation Service (DHRS) booking ref number and Non-Availability

Certificate if appropriate

Once your claim has been submitted, print off the confirmation page and attach your

receipts and other supporting documentation to the claim. You must also check your

JPA workflow to see if you have been selected for random audit or for authorisation. If

you have been selected for audit/authorisation, follow the instructions contained in the

workflow and report to the auditor/authoriser named. You must store your receipts and

paperwork associated with the claim in a safe place for 2 years from the date that the

claim was submitted, as you will need to provide
What if your claim is selected for audit?

The notice that a claim has been selected for Audit is sent via JPA Workflow, after being

processed for payment. This will appear in your Workflow Notifications:

Logon to JPA

Click on [JPA Self Service – Employee, Armed Forces]

Click [Workflow Notifications]

It is your responsibility to check your Workflow Notifications regularly to see if any of your

claims have been selected for audit.

If your claim is selected for audit you must print out:

• JPA F025

• Copy of the original claim

You should attach all supporting documentation (including original receipts) and submit

these to the Unit Auditor within 7 days. You should keep a copy in case they are lost

in transit.

If you do not do this within 7 days then hastening action will be initiated. Failure to

respond can result in your claim being recovered from your salary and in some

cases disciplinary or administrative action being taken.

I've been through this. Generate a spreadsheet with all your costs on it and include as much detail as you can get your hands on. Include dates, restaurants, estimated costs, what you ate even witnesses etc. All this will support your case on audit. It'll be down to your to persuade the RAO on the day. If it was my money, I wouldn't let it go until I got reimbursed.
What he said, if you want to bash your head against a wall. This is not the army simply refusing to give you your money. It is the army justifying why it can claim money back for employees' expenses from the government. No receipt, no claim. It is that simple. No doubt there will be plethora accounts along soon telling you they claimed thousands of £s without receipts, but none will have evidence of such.

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Not got access to the JSP at the mo but seem to remember that there is a para in relation to receipts not being available. Certainly up to 3 or 4 years ago I was able to sign a piece of paper listing purchases as cost as long as it was noted with the reasons why I could not provide a receipt.

At the time I was working on summer shows and carnivals and the burger van didn't give receipts.

When we paid for a meal as a group we all retained a photocopy of the receipt each.
Of course you can claim without a receipt. JSP 752, Para 01.0121 will give you the correct advice.


Alternately you can listen to one of your HR experts who actually believe the money belongs to them and any payments come from their wages.


Even better some random bloke on the internet who knows everything about everything (that’s me that is :) )
But I would strongly urge using the quoted regulation, I will give you a clue use the JPA F025A ^~


Many thanks for replies so far.

@CAARPS -you're a star, just what I was after...
"In cases where receipts cannot be obtained, or have been lost,
JPA F025A is to be completed and retained with a copy of the claim..."

*******... I was always dangerous; now I'm fully armed and dangerous! ;-) Wait Out.


Is the deal with food and accomodation still the same as it was a few years ago? As in a maximum price of food paid back? I ask as I've been provided a lump amount of £700 for food charges and £2000 odd for accomodation.
Thanks in advance.


So I put in the advance of money 21 days before the course (80% I've been told by one person, 90% by another) then hope the difference makes upto 700 quid?
So I put in the advance of money 21 days before the course (80% I've been told by one person, 90% by another) then hope the difference makes upto 700 quid?
On a civil service point of view, off the top of my head I think it's 90% in advance. Of known expenses, eg 90% of the hotel price.
In claiming you sign up that you will follow up with an actual claim deducting the advance. If it's more as expected you get the balance, if it turns out less then it's taken back


You can claim 100% of the hotel costs.... 80% of the day subsistence in advance - two reasons for this ; 1) if you underspend you won't have too much taken back from your wage and 2) this isn't written, but if you only get 80% advanced it discourages a lot of people from spending the full £25 and in return saving the MOD money (shock)


Don't listen to Lager, he obvoiously has some way to go before reaching Cpl. The following is and extract from JSP 752 Chapter 3:

03.0169. Advances. The following arrangements apply for the payment of advances:
a. An advance must not be applied for more than 21 days before the expected commencement of the period of duty[1];

b. Advances must not be for more than 90% of the anticipated cost of the duty;

c. Personnel must not have more than 3 advances outstanding at any one time; and
d. The minimum amount for an advance is £50.
Advances not cleared by the 31st day after completion of the duty for which the advance was authorised will be deducted direct from the Service person’s pay account.Service personnel in possession of a Government Procurement Card (GPC), and specifically authorised to use it for personal subsistence, should use that to pay bills, rather than seek an advance of subsistence expenses. GPC cards can be used for the payment of DS and NS bills (in accordance with JSP 332 (Low Value Purchases)).

[1]This regulation will not apply to those personnel who require advances to cover resettlement course fees.


I've done the advance thing. I'm now away and finding that not only are the hotels more expensive than quoted on the itinerary (they add little charges etc) but also, the difference in the exchange rate GBP-USD they use and what it actually is, means I'm actually incurring more cost.

So basically, I've worked out the total cost of £450 for hotels based on the quoted 1.63usd. But what I've actually been charged according to my bank is about £505.

Any HR gurus want to offer up some advice on this one? After all, I don't see why I should be out of pocket because the pay office are using an unrealistic exchange rate, as opposed to what it actually is (i.e. around 1.5)
I believe you can claim currency exchange costs but I've no idea how. Sorry I can't be more help, hopefully an adminer will be along shortly.

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