T&S Clampdown

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Von_Paulus, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. My unit has started to get all **** about Travel & Subsistance claims.
    They are asking us for 3 pre-costed choices of travel prior to an event, then are only paying the lowest cost no matter how inconvinient that may be.

    Are other TA units doing the same?

    Oh, FYI, the unit will not allow us to have our own JPA logins, and do all claims on our behalf!!!!

    Does anyone know if this is actually allowed within the regulations?

  2. I'd ask if them assuming your JPA login details is acceptable under the Data Protection Act.

    Do you, by any chance, have a really really really really really idle clerk / PSAO?
  3. By them inputting data on your behalf on your JPA Login, who gets the blame if the claim is deemed fraudulent?
  4. I think he must be a member of my unit. We are a national unit and rather than have us all trying to find terminals all over the place it was decided that the pay staff would continue to do it for us. No hint of not trusting anyone just a very simple solution to a problem.

    Von P when you are away with other units ask them their views they will be more prepared to tell you then rather than putting it into a very public forum.

    Bravo - If he is with my unit, we have a very very hard working Chief Clerk and Training Cpl.
  5. Legs - the Pay staff will not input claims they believe to be incorrect and if they think them fraudulent they will report them to the CO. AFAIK no-one has been reported yet.

    On a more personal note I do hope your bits are now fully recovered etc.
  6. VP if I could find my PM button I would introduce myself. I hope my post above didn't sound pompous (alright it did but I didn't mean it to).
  7. msr

    msr LE

    A very dangerous solution, I would suggest. The correct solution is to provide remote access to JPA. It isn't hard, every bank and building society in the world can manage it.
  8. Although most are probably aware but, T&S is being clamped down on BIG TIME this is due to budgetry constraints and yes you have to find the cheapest possible way of getting there. You may argue that this will just end up with Soldeir & Officers who can't be assed and just end up out of pocket.

    You can also argue , which I am at my current Unit where any overseas travel has to be authorised by a 2 * ( yes that is correct)!! As if he/she does not have enough to do!! Anyway by the time you look for the cheapest option, send it for approval it has often gon up between £40 to £80 pounds... then you have to start all over again!!

    Christmas is here , times are hard , here's your feeking Xmas card!! Hard times ahead as we all know Ladies & Gents.
  9. MSR really! How much would remote access cost if the MOD had to organise it?
  10. Dunno how much it is costing but it is already significantly over-due so it's probably over budget too ... Yes, it is on its way. Just slowly. Very, very slowly.

    BTW - the pay staff don't do it with your logon, they do it with their own - same procedure in our unit. You fill out a JPA F016 form, attach any receipts. The form should ( :D ) clear you (or, at least, act as evidence on your behalf) if they make an input error.
  11. As Idrach said pay staff ought to have appropriate access. Using your details would be a breach.

    Regarding getting authority beforehand this is common sense, costing up options is also common sense.
    If however they are only blindly authorising the cheapest option then they are not going through the process properly.
    One option is always to reject the task completely. When things are planned the other costs such as T&S should be considered as well, otherwise a task will be planned then every individual comes up with their costs.

    Of course you could test bucking the system - pick your preferred solution then cost 2 more expensive options.
    But go with the flow and think of the optimum solution

  12. Already exists. Its called IASS. Lets you into JPA for simple stuff like claims but not much more - no good for SJAR fr'instance. Simple chip and pin card generating a code....
  13. msr

    msr LE

    And no good for SJARs because....?

    Some f**kwit screwed up the contract? The contractors seized another opportunity to dry bum the MOD? no-one thought it necessary?
  14. Mushroom we must belong to a different unit. The staff at mine have all been there too long, they are stale, and you can't get an answer to phone calls after 12:00 on a Friday.

    I can suggest instant efficiency improvements of approx 10% by making them stay to 5:30 like people in real life do!!
  15. T&S, like MTDs, is one of the few financial 'levers' left in the small pocket sized arsenal of options for the budgeteers. Given the constraints, it's hardly surprising.

    However, I would disagree with the fact that some will travel anyway and then be out of pocket - I suspect that if the dumbing down process continues at it's current pace, some just won't bother.

    Rearrange this well known phrase:

    the on vine withering