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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Danny_Dravot, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Here we have a situation:

    A mate is desperately waiting for authority for flights to confuct a recce for a forthcoming overseas ex.

    Apparently, under new regulations, 2* authority is required for OS travel.

    Now, here is the irony, 3 weeks ago when he requested the flights (through a well-know budget airline) the total cost (incl taxes etc) for the entire R Gp was less than £70.

    That cost is increasing on a daily basis as he waits for authority, and currently stands at over £150.

    But, at the same, he requested a hire car to get him to the airport the cost for this was over £150, plus fuel, plus parking etc! Authority for this was granted by the local lve & movt clk and the booking was made!

    What a thoroughly ridiculous situation...it seems yet again that a knee jerk policy is having a detrimental effect. I'm also hearing of BFG people not attending important conferences in UK....

    What other T&S nonsense are you experiencing of late???
  2. Normal business should not be affected however T&S budget is being squeezed to a slow death. Yes you are correct ad hoc exercises must be cleared by puzzle palace much to the pains of those in Div/Dist trying to control their T&S Budget. Due to six week turn around time costs when authorised will have undoubtably gone up.

    Really want to save cash then stop first class rail travel for field officers. Means they have less G&T's but when a field officer demands a first class ticket for a train that doesn't have a first class carriage because its part of his terms of service the mind boggles.

    Expect it to get worse, there will be no jam next year!

    Not sure what kind of hire car he has requested for £150, surely one way hire would be most sensible if white fleet not avail fm unit?

  3. Why shouldn't senior officers be afforded the priveledge of better travel arrangements? And, starting to erode terms and conditions of service is a very dangerous one indeed, a start of a very slippery slope.

    That was for 2 x one-way hires...it would eb far cheaper to take white fleet for 2 days and leave it at airport...but computer says no, this isn't allowed!!!
  5. Let's not kid ourselves that a 2* is going to personally review every application for overseas travel. He has majors and lieutenant colonels for that! What is so pathetic about all this is the fact that, for an Army that talks big on the application of mission command, the head shed won't trust the chain of command with the authority to apply mission command to the mangement of T&S budgets. Apparently ACGS' words of wisdom on the subject are even more bizarre although that is second hand information.

    When you think that the MOD is unable to control spending on major projects it is pathetic to see the powers that be srabbling around to make savings on T&S which amount to a pittance when compared to the defence budget as a whole. Talk about not being able to see the wood for the trees. :evil:
  6. BigRed wrote:

    Really want to save cash then stop first class rail travel for field officers. Means they have less G&T's but when a field officer demands a first class ticket for a train that doesn't have a first class carriage because its part of his terms of service the mind boggles.

    Be warned that I am in danger of riding a hobby-horse! As someone with a team all of whom are entitled to first class rail travel but with a budget that by no means matches our commitments, I proposed a reduction to standard class travel as part of our annual budget plan. Agreement and approval all round from my military colleagues. Flat refusal from our CS boss who states that the proposal would erode the civvies’ terms and conditions of service. No extra cash though, just an excuse (sorry reason) to attend fewer meetings.
  7. cliche alert...scream to save the pennies whilst wasting millions!
  8. why shouldn't officers have their terms of service eroded the ones for my trade group were probably used as crap roll after they completely bolloxed them in a knee jerk reaction
  9. After around 37 years in the MoD, I find that I'm now "entitled" to travel 1st Class on the railways due to my civil service grade. :D
    As has been previously mentioned in this thread, military colleagues around me of staff rank will generally go cattle class as they cannot see the logic in the company paying £50 extra and for what? A free cuppa coffee. My hat goes off to them, :clap: nothing to do with the fact that I was in uniform for 27 years!
    What really nips my sh1t :frustrated: is when a civil servant demands the 1st class ticket "because I have worked my way through the grades to get it". No you fukin' 'haven't. :evil: The most dangerous thing you have done is stand at the back of the canteen queue. When you are looking down the proverbial barrel of a gatt, that's when you start earning brownie points in my book. If you don't travel at the back of the train, stop complaining, sit in your office, do your 7 hours 20 minutes a day and shut the fuk up! :rage:

    Rant over.
  10. 7 hours 24 minutes actually. But as a civil servant myself I am actually very embarresed by the attitudes of some of my so called civilian colleagues especially with their opinions of the military staff.
  11. just heard from my mate that the flights were eventually booked today, cost was over £400....only £330 more than the original costing.

    Glad to see the system is working well!
  12. The old axiom of "PPPPPPP" (Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) is still alive and well and residing in the MoD. If the flights had been booked at the earliest available time, the saving would have been made.