t mobiles usb modem

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. heya just having bought one of these myself i just wanted to pass on the info,

    i was sold by the
    * Moves house from time to time - don't wait for broadband set-up
    * Travels regularly - arrive at your hotel and clear your emails
    * Doesn't like being deskbound - surf the web in your local coffee shop
    * Wants the freedom to access the internet on the move

    thats me to a tee says i! almost like broadband speed! sign me up was what followed.

    now its good enough to cruise this site on, bigger sites can take a lil bit of time. msn messenger works, and so can skype too if you get the bigger tarrif. contracts arent allowed to be cancelled so just try a mates first, and the other point to note is the almost like broadband speed is when you are connected to the HSPDA network.

    im guessing the hspda network will take time to grow, but it seems alright so far and the ability to take it anywhere is a bonus whereas setting up bband in the block can be tiresome when you are assigned elsewhere.

    so if the army life is preventing you from setting up hardlined internet this is a viable option. £30 a month and no set up costs with a 12 month minimum contract.... bit of a shitter if you are deployed short notice however im guessing it could be good for those courses.

    anyway any questions welcome on this subject. ill try and answer them as best i can.

    t mobile usb modem

  2. It's HSDPA. This is indeed very impressive, and could well be the next "big thing" It will also mean that chavs with Xbox 360s in their mum's Corsa can play Test Drive online.

    Speeds are 1.8, 3.6, 7.2 and 14.4 megabits. Thats well good as my fixed line broadband is 1.6mbit, limited by the distance from the exchange. The new rollout of HSDPA planned soon is called Evolved and is rumoured to offer 40-plus megabits!

    <runs off to find some tissues>
  3. OK. Having just looked at the blurb from the T-Online website, it would appear that you pay for calls from the data card/USB Modem - but at the same time it gives you unlimited data.

    Now, does that mean you pay for a data call to an ISP at the advertised rate of 20p per minute but can download as much as you want or does your modem just dump its data straight onto GPRS/3G/HSDPA at an unlimited rate for your outlay of 30 quid a month.

    30 quid per month for unlimited data at 1.6mbps isnt too bad a deal, considering your fully mobile. However if there are per minute call charges attached, its quickly starts to become unattractive. An hours surfing would add 12 quid to your monthly bill.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE


    I also have just got one of these from www.mobiles.co.uk for 18 month contract, 9 months half price, £29 pm normal/£14.50 half price. 3.6 Mb Download speed, 3Gb limit pm.

    I pay per month, not for the ammount of time I am online for.
  5. Sounds like a good idea. Good speeds, 3gb limit a month which is more than enough. Only 30 bar a month too! I think the vodafone one is a lot more.
  6. Available sassuage side too, for those in blocks in Germany who cant get phone lines. Clicky Linky.

    Couldnt make head nor tail of the tarrif details, maybe someone who sprechs da deutch could help out?? Theres one alternative to Javelin Broadband right there!!

    24 month contract, which is fairly usual for Germany.
  7. Using the Vodafone one at the moment. That's about £50 for an "unlimited" 1Gb (average) per month. They don't charge extra or cut you off if you do stray over occasionally, but they reserve the right to. Also, having started with a PCMCIA datacard, then updated to a lappy with only the new ExpressCard slot, they basically left me high-and-dry, having to fork out about £130 on a third party adapter for the card.

    T Mobile is looking very interesting indeed!
  8. one thing that troubles me is the fact if i were posted to germany would i still be able to use it and only pay my £30 limit?

    it is tmobiles country of origin after all
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    You would still be able to use it but you are charged roaming fees.
    T Mobile T+C

    See the terms and conditions bit, says that roaming charges apply. T Mobile may be a foreign company but do you know of one who does allow you to use a foreign network for normal prices?

    Still a good deal if your UK based and are in a 3G area. (I'm using mine now, is fine)
  10. what are the pings like?
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    What do you want me to ping?
  12. I've been using that T-Mobile thing for a couple of months, simply by using my contract phone with Web'n'Walk unlimited internet browsing. I connected the phone to my laptop, which detected it as an HTC Modem, I then did the dial up connection to *99# and put in a blank username and password. Bob's yer uncle unlimited web browsing from my laptop, all as part of my normal mobile phone contract. Unfortunately I've just been posted to Blandford and there's no reception. Doh!
  13. Cow

    Cow LE

    PD: so your not get charged for data calls then? Luck you! I'd be wary though about how long it lasts. Blandford again, who have you pissed off now? I thought you were at the top of your food chain!!
  14. Anywhere....do the ping command and see what it comes too. Anything above 40 is crap for gaming.
  15. Cow

    Cow LE

    Tried to ping www.arrse.co.uk last night, just got ping timed out. No sure if this is my PC not passing ping command properly or the USB. Sorry!

    I'll have another look tonight.