T-mobile coverage at Chicksands

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Highway, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if T-mobile coverage is any good at Chicksands, please? I'm thinking of buying a new mobile, but don't want to find that I have no reception when I get to Phase 2 training. It looks OK on the T-mobile map, but I'm particularly interested in 3G availability, as I'd like to use it to get internet access in my room (unless anyone knows if this isn't allowed?). Any info would be welcome. Cheers. :D
  2. from the amount of phase 2 members contributing on here, i'm guessing there are internet terminals somewhere... ;)
  3. Hi, Yeah I understand the library offers internet access, but I've been unable to find out if it is permitted to access the internet on your own laptop in your room. I was told there are no phone lines for it, but as long as there is 3G mobile coverage I'll invest in a phone to go with my laptop. Can't see it being a problem, but I just thought there may be some restrictions on using non-Army computers.
  4. i doubt it. the modern army is not THAT draconian. i've always had internet wherever i went. your only limitation is probably the coverage... but i'm guessing - hopefully someone there will answer.
  5. Cool. Thanks.
  6. You will be allowed to use your personal laptop in your room sure.

    Be careful though with 3G.. it's damn expensive. I used my 3G mobile to connect to the net on my laptop at chicksands, but on Orange after the first 1000Mb (they give you a big wad of data as an intro to the service) it's £1 per Mb after. Not sure what T-Mobile offer..

    The coverage on chix is pretty good - depends what floor of the block you move into - if you're in the bottom floor it might be dodgy as some people complain they cant get a signal down there. If you're up top you'll be reet.
  7. You can get a phone line installed in your room. Call BT (new installations), and they will send an engineer out to run a line for you. Loads of people do it. Just make sure you check your bill each month, some unscrupulous buggers tend to cut in to other people lines to make free calls, or have been known to piggy back on unsecured wireless connections.
  8. Cool! Thanks so much, Davros and PompeySailor, that's great info. Cheers.
  9. In the good old days, the KGB would have installed them for free but, hey, now you have to pay BT to come and do it. Well, thats super powers for you eh ?
  10. yeah but the bandwidth on the KGP ISP was rubbish.
  11. Back in my day, even if we'd have had the internet, we'd have been too busy drinking, shagging and fighting to surf the net........ sigh, thems were the days........ :?
  12. yes but that was ashford... everything was within walking distance!
  13. Well said!
  14. Call BT and ask for the MOD desk which deals with MOD bases...
    They will send an Engr which takes up to 2 weeks and costs 75 squid to fix the 2 wires in the green box IVO block 421.
    Max speed to shefford exchange is 1MB/s as of now, though will improve with time.
    Tiscali do an 'all you can eat' package for 14.99, which is uncapped providing you don't take the pi$$... (plus 10 to BT for line rental).
    It's a min 12 month contract which deters a lot of folks except for the bootnecks who all seem to have internet access...(and provide it to the armys so called I.T experts, the illustrious 'royal signals' as well!)
    Good luck.

  15. I doubt they'd install a phone line in a phase 2 training accomodation building though...