T in the Park tickets x 2 at face value anyone.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Pocoyo, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Right peeps,

    I have 2 full camping tickets for the T in The Park festival (11-13 Jun). I managed to get these tickets from the first batch sold last year. Face value is £140 each as they were available at 2007 prices but I would expect anyone to also cover the admin charge. Total should be around £300.

    These were bought as a birthday pressie for the long haired CO but sadly due to a serious illness in the family we are very unlikely to be able to go. At the moment attendance is in the balance so I am giving a fellow arrser the chance to register serious interest in buying these tickets. The first person to PM with a genuine interest will be the first to be offered them if we can't go. It won't be very short notice as I think we will know well before the event, the tickets may not arrive with me until about 10 days before the event and they will be sent out immediately after.

    The only thing I ask is that the person wanting them really wants to go and is not just going to stick them on ebay..I could do that and if no-one gets in touch then I probably will.
  2. Shouldn't that be 11-13 July?
  3. Ooops, Yep, thats the badger 11-13 July,