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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by Tickledpink, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know what this acronym stands for? Infantry circa 1950. And SMEAC?
  2. No, but WTF is this doing on a jokes forum?????????????????
  3. Was SMEAC a massively simplified orders delivery - I seem to remember it from cadets: Situation, Mission, Execution, Any questions, CSS/Check knowledge.
  4. It stood for
    Admin & Logistics
    Command & Signals
  5. (t) troop or it could be (p) platoon etc

    e = 'er

    g = go

    o = over

    l = land

    a = and

    p = pissoff

    s = some

    w = wogs
  6. Briefing for a sentry - time on and off, enemy stuff, ground(?), some more stuff including alarm method, patrols due in and out, wind direction. So not a joke at all. Allegedly.
  7. The cadet version is GSMESC (Greedy Sgt Major Eats Stupid Cadets)

    Mission (x2)
    Specialist Equipment/Support & Sevice

    Just enough to be scribbled on a rat pack box flap

    Something to do with sentry duty,
    Wind Direction etc

    Forgot the rest, it's been a few decades.