T.E. Lawrence Adventurous Training - Advice Please

Good Afternoon.

I am planning on organising an AT trip to re-create one of Lawrence's camel treks. Probably from Wadi Rum to Aqaba.

I would be greatful for advice people can give on any aspect of planning this.

I'm looking to take around 6-8 soldiers and we'll depart from Cyprus so hopefully this should keep the costs down.

Any points on the following would be very helpful:

- Possible funding streams
- Necessary clearances
- Admin tips (other than it's not a place in China)
- Useful contacts
- Relevant PXRs

Thanks in advance



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I'm sure I remember reading a book called something like "In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia" written by Charles Blackmore, an officer who led a group of soldiers on a camel trek, Royal Green Jackets, if I remember correctly. Might be worth searching out?
Thanks for the speedy replies. Will definitely look for the book.

Sandmanfez - I have been reliably told that I can procure swimming camels. A bit more expensive but definitely worth it.
Were it possible to include one, perhaps, more 'gap year' ACF type personalities, I could advise on a funding stream which could accommodate their expenses for such a trip.


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