T Bliar - a life of deceit!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. I am reading the excellent book "The Blairs and their Court" by Francis Beckett and David Hencke. This provides an invaluable insight into the mind of the lunatic incumbent of No 10!

    Reasons to hate Bliar:

    1. He reckons his A-level (probably A, A, C) results are a state secret and has asked his old school to keep them classified.

    2. He was a slimy little toad of an actor, regarded by his headmaster as not trustworthy enough to be a prefect, and maintains this chip on his shoulder to this day.

    3. When he attained the lofty heights of Labour party leader, his henchmen phoned around all his old school contacts with "lines to take" regarding his near-expulsion, and his old house master has deposited a written account ofhis relationship with Bliar with a solicitor to be sent to the school and to a Cambridge archive in the event of his death.

    4. The "official" story of his near-expulsion is not the truth and this spinning indicates the dissembling and dishonest nature of Bliar and his cronies!

    Amusing facts:

    1. Bliar was a "fag"* at school was beaten with a cane by his prefect master if his toast wasn't cooked perfectly. :twisted:

    *for our US friends, this does not have the same meaning as the term for homosexual, it refers to a schoolboy acting as servant of an older boy, although there is no theoretical reason why these duties should not include taking it up the tradesman's entrance.

    More to follow - konw your enemy!
  2. Why does this not surprise me?
  3. It does me!
    Why wait until after his death?
    What does this indicate to you?
    It raises many a question in my mind.
    Wonder how healthy the old boy is!

    Beebs :wink:
  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Because you never know when his old housemaster might take an ill advised walk in the woods like Dr Kelly. Remember the Night of The Long Knives - the power crazy eventually turn on their old mentors/helpers when they start to raise awkward questions...
  5. but surely if the truth is out there no need to shoot the source?

    Beebs :?:
  6. Isn't it rather significant that the actor, chosen to play Bliar, in the TV drama, 'The Deal', strongly resembled the character 'Alan B'Stard' in the series 'The New Statesman'...
    And not just in looks, either.
    Do you suppose that they were trying to tell us something?
  7. His nickname at school was "Emily"
  8. How very interesting, MrPVRd

    Ref the housemaster who has deposited a written account with his solicitor, I wonder which housemaster that is. My spies tell me that he had three. Apparently he begged to leave his first house because it was "too tough", and had two housemasters thereafter, the second one is still a "mentor" but the first somehow found Mr Bean annoying. Anyone have more detail on this?

    As to keeping his academic results secret and phoning round with "lines to take" on his near-expulsion, how ironic when the rest of us have lost so much privacy under his intrusive regime.
  9. More dirt on the Great Helmsman:

    Item: Bliar claims to have won the nomination for his Sedgefield seat as an outsider after agonising in his car outside the meeting hall (Spennymoor hall in Trimdon), before deciding "Well, I've come this far..."

    Fact: His nomination was secured well in advance by union backroom dealings.

    Item: Bliar won nomination "fair and square."

    Fact: The proper procedure was not followed (only Bliar's candidature was voted on, not the others) and only two of the three tellers were given the chance to report their vote counts.

    Item: Bliar considered himself foolish for contesting the Beaconsfield seat he lost in 1982, as he told the Spectator: "Believe me, fighting the '82 Beaconsfield by-election for Labour was hardly seen as a smart career move. Michael Foot was struggling with the problems of leadership, Tony Benn was in charge of policy, Arthur Scargill was leading the trade unions..."

    Fact: Bulls#!t. Benn was not in charge of policy, Scargill did not lead the unions (and f~cked up by striking in summer without a ballot) and fighting an unwinnable seat was part and parcel of climing the greasy pole.

    There is more on the self-serving b@llocks spun by Mandelson and Bliar about how they changed the path of the Labour party; this is all lies and a bit too boring to go in to, but suffice to say the PR changes were well in hand. Mandelswine tried to blacklist (from PR work) an ex-Labour PR hack who claimed otherwise in the New Statesman.

    It is clear that Bliar is the incarnation of Joseph Stalin, an amiable party hack who makes the right connections and, when the moment comes, acts ruthlessly and subsequently reinvents history - the New Statesman ran with this opinion two weeks ago. Half of the s#!t laid at the door at Mandelson and Campbell was the work of Bliar, he just tries to keep distant from it. This man is very dangerous!!!
  10. What was interesting to note was that Cardinal Hume wrote to him and told him to either convert or stop receiving communion in Catholic churches as he would not condone his lack of principle. He also told him that if he felt drawn to Rome then he should either seek to change the law on catholics acceding to the PMship or resign as PM as his faith should come before political expediency. Hume wasn't stupid nor was he convinced by BLiar's fake piety.
  11. Let's face it , BLiar's first I.A. on being caught out on a lie, is to tell another, only bigger this time.
  13. More on the Bliar front at an opportune time...

    Case study 1:
    Foot and Mouth. The "official" story: After an FMD outbreak, MAFF mishandle the whole affair until SuperBliar steps in, bringing in the scientists David King (Govt chief scientist) and (Prof) Roy Anderson to replace the chief vet Jim Scudamore, and establishes the COBR crisis management cell as well as bringing in the Army. SuperBliar triumphantly watches as the new epidemiology computer model predicts a zero occurence by June 7, date of the general election. Lo and behold, the Great Helmsman's vision proves correct! And, moreover, the Dear Leader steps in to save a calf (lying unnoticed under the culled corpse of its mother) from slaughter.

    Fact: Bliar took over media handling and repaced the daily MAFF briefings with daily lobby briefs to the lobby (rather than specialist agricultural journalists) at which the story that "everything is all right" was wheeled out, even though the mass slaughter policy was not sustainable at that time and corpse pyres were littering the countryside. Also, the MAFF statistical website was "redesigned" as the statistics did not tally with the Dear Leader's (pet scientist's) prediction of less than 5 cases a day by June 7. There was little change in direction and it is unlikely that MAFF would have done anything different. And, as a footnote to the story, the calf was reprieved as a result of discussions regarding the relaxation of the cull policy between MAFF and Downing Street, and it was decided that the minister (Nick Brown) would announce this the next day. Imagine Brown's suprise as he chokes on his beer later that night, watching the ITN news, which headlines with Bliar's intervention to save the life of Phoenix the calf.

    Lesson: the triumph of style over substance.