ive been in the T.A 3 years now and have heard stories that if you upgrade to regs you miss out some training. is this true or do you still go from 0. are there any advantages to joining with T.A Training or not.

some would argue that its an upgrade.
Upgrade? You are not a car - don't put yourself down!

If you want to join the regs you can go to your local careers office and sign on the dotted line just like the rest of the new recruits, or you can take your training and expertise and join the regs on an S Type engagement (normally for 1 year). You go straight to a Bn/Reg and join a platoon. If you like it and they like you then there is an option to stay on. I don't believe you have anything to gain by doing basic again but if this is what you want to do then use the year to settle in and get some more experience. You might even get a few courses under your belt in that time - instead of learning how to put up a bivvy and all that bull.
Go and see your SPSI/PSAO. Your parent unit will always be on the lookout for attachments regardless of impending tours or garrison duties, or you can join a unit getting ready to go on a tour. If you sign up then be sure of the type of engagement - an S Type makes you a reg from day one and it's easier to stay on.
Not sure now - check with your SPSI/PSAO. If you have any time during the week pop your head in and have a chat. It helps if they are at a loose end and drill nights they might be too busy. What type of unit are you in?
im in a sig unit just had word with spsi and theres telic based oman for early feb start. which is very soon
Ah, So it's not just me wanting to go full time then?? Good luck mate ;o)


bullet-magnet said:
anyone know anyother ways of getting in rather than having to do full basic again
Correct me if I’m wrong but STABs don’t do anything like the full reg basic.
bullet-magnet said:
anyone know anyother ways of getting in rather than having to do full basic again
As several people have said above - S type or do an FTRS/mobilisation and make your wishes known during your tour.

There is no other way.

As helpful and knowledgeable as the many users on this site are your best point of contact is your SPSI in your own unit, he/she is from the regular army and most likely the unit/corps you wish to join so will be best able to advise you bearing in mind all of your own personal circumstances and the needs/requirements of your chosen regt/corps. If you get no joy there or have reasons why you can't speak to him directly then use your chain of command, your Pl Sgt and Pl Comd are there to manage your career and if you feel the regular army is the way forward they should support you in your choicer and point you in the right direction.

This all depends entirely on your personal circumstances, what level you are trained to and your personal abilities. If (and this is a big IF and in no way meant as an insult to you) you are not suitable for S Type service or FTRS/mobilisation i.e. you are not trade qualified yet, not fit, med downgrade etc etc etc then there is no way to shortcut the regular army process and in fact if anything other than medical reason you would probably benefit from doing the full regular training to give you the best start in your new career. The last thing you would want would be to get in through the back door when you are not ready for it and be seen to be no good at the job (through no fault of your own if you haven't completed the training) and screw up what could have been a career for the sake of skipping a few weeks at an ATR.

I didn't intend this to be a rant and to remephasise my point above and several others who have replied to your original request speak to your PSI

Goku said:
Correct me if I’m wrong but STABs don’t do anything like the full reg basic.
your wrong

it all depends on the personal circumstances of the applicant, some may come with a hatful of qualifications and experience which would mean they could bypass elements of the process. others may have been in the TA years but just done bounty minimum and not got much relevant training therefore wopuld be required to do the full thing so that there are no training gaps.

no but im sure i was told we do a catch up few weeks to get to same level may be compleatly wrong though
i talked to the army careers guys on the army web site. I've done about 10 years and he said i wouldn't have to do basic training again. I'm not sure how long you have to have been in before you don't have to do it. In some ways i think Humphrey is right. I don't think it would ever harm to do the basic again. You can never get enough training and it would make you the fittest you've probably ever been in your life.

However, i'm not quite an old fart, just over the age limit for Signals jobs ( which i think is 26 years and 10 months). I'm just wondering if i did go through the whole thing , when it came to being able to stay with the RSigs would they take my previous experience and quals ( Class 2 etc ) into consideration. Would you need a letter from your CO etc giving you a glowing recommendation and telling them just how brilliant you are ??????? ha ha

i'm considering aswell, being the age i am, how i would compare to the young sprightly things that would be on the basic with me. How on earth do you prepare enough physically. My fitness is the main thing i would worry about. But i'm not one of these 'best effort' people. i do pass my CFT, BPFA etc but according to the army web site, there are loads of heaves, static lifts etc etc etc. I can keep up but i'm in no way, shape or form a Russian Shot Putter.

Can anyone suggest what to do?

Cheers xox ;o)
Stick to an S Type or FTRS - just think of the time you would waste doing basic again - and think of the experience you'd get by actually doing the job!

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