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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 2011PT, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have any info about driving within the T.A, I understand driver training takes 14 weeks in the regulars. The national unit has 19 training days and by the looks of it 14 days are a 2 week field camp.

    How long would it take to become a driver? Also it sounds simple but what would a T.A driver do? The training commitment is low and don’t understand how it would work out.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Best you go along to your local Transport Regiment and ask.

  3. Thanks, went to my local careers office didn't have any info.

    Call a national unit didn't go into detail so thought to see if anyone had any info.

  4. I'm currently with a transport regiment and there isn't a time limit or period on how long it takes you to become a trained driver. It's really as much effort as you are willing to put in, 27 training days is a bare minimum, you will find yourself able to do alot more. There are stages to becoming a driver just like driving a car, you do the theory test, once you've done this you will go onto a practical, which usually lasts 1-2 weeks. But you learn to drive several types of vehicle, so really you're always training to be a driver, because once you pass one, it's onot the next. Work wise, you train just like other units, fitness, shooting etc, basically matts and soldiering skills on your training weekends.

    Hope that helped!
  5. <sandbag="on">Back in my day it only took 1 week to learn to driver......... </sandbag>
  6. B_AND_T

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    Was that how long it took to learn to ride a horse?
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  7. Yep back in the olden days that was how long it took pass the C+E test, dunno what it's called these days :) but it was a civvie course and so not upto regular standards
  8. Have you done the recruit training bit yet. if not get that out of the way 1st. Can you drive a car, most transport units won't allow you to join without one. If you can drive a car and once you've done the recruit training you can get on a one week cat c licence course usually run at DST or 5 Regt at Grantham. Normally followed by a C+E course again at DST or Grantham. Or if your unit has the budget they my use contract driver training but you'd need to speak with them. Depending on what time you can put in i'd realistically expect you to take at least a year from 1st enquiry(looking to join) to getting behind the wheel of a wagon.
    If you don't mind me asking are you looking to join a national unit(normally based at Grantham) or a local unit near your house?
  9. Also, forgot to add. Of all the available trades in the TA driver is auguably the most useful in the 'real world' As a driver you'll get licences upto C+E and D if needed, HAZMAT qualification, fuel tanker licences, low loader, All terrain Folk lift truck licence, and My regiment has just finnished a pilot of the NVQ level 3 in HGV operations and fleet management(i think thats what its called) If you can land a civvie jobs using all those you can expect to be paid about 40-50k a year.
  10. If you hold to Civi licence, to get a ftm600 and get famed up on one type of vehicle, would take you 7 days. This can be run in unit with 2 x GSDI instructors.
  11. 40 to 50k ? wheres that then ? I have all of the above & more and just about manage 38k driving a supermarket trolley. You can earn 40k plus easy on the fuel tankers, but unless you are married to the bosses daughter or have been promised your dads job once he dies / retires.. you got no chance.

  12. I see it mentioned above that you need a civvie driving licence to join? This IS NOT the case at my regiment, you can join with absolutely no driving qualifications whatsoever. As for the week long courses mentioned, there are medicals and theory tests to be passed before moving onto these. Just something for you to note as this may all seem confusing!
  13. Thanks lads this has been a massive help, passed my full driver licence 6 years ago so hopefully that helps, I’m looking to go the national unit in Grantham. Its about 2 hours drive away but don’t mind the travel if the training is good.
    Haven't passed basic training yet, I’m looking to join the national unit next month at the minute I think I would be able to commit to a lot more than the 19 days required to attend so hopefully I will complete the courses in good time.

    My fitness is good so hopefully I can get through basic ok.
  14. Anyone have a link to the number or have the number to hand for the Grantham transport reg. Thanks
  15. They are 160 Tpt regt, if that helps searches.