T.A summer basic training course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Walterz_biz, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Its highly likely now ill be participating on the basic training course on july 12th... which lasts 5 weeks. Does anyone know if its 5 weeks straight or do you come home for weekends or do you have some kind of break?

  2. hopefully ill be on it too, we had a couple of lads who had a weekend off but not sure if they were allowed home though.
  3. If its a Summer Challenge you are refering to, then its all the way through with the odd day off if you're lucky. It all depends on the programme, which has changed since last year.
  4. Is 4div running one this year?
  5. WTF is this all about? I've never heard of a basic course for TA lasting 5 weeks and I'm just re-joining now. More info from anyone would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  6. yeah im doing it, but its 7 weeks. summer challenge wales.

    oldcolt, its basically you go away for certain number of weeks and do all your training in one hit instead of the weekends.
  7. Summer challange is 5 weeks infantry, 7 weeks non infantry
  8. oh right im going infantry and was told it would be 7 weeks long.
  9. 4 Div RTC (Malta Barracks) is not running a Summer Challenge this year however they are running one of thier regular 9 day (Non Inf) and 14 day (Inf), TSC(A) camp starting on Friday 24th July
    There are definitley still places available for the Non Inf which is the equivalent of weekends 1-6 in one hit!
  10. I think the time differs for different areas. I've heard Midlands Challenge is 5 weeks and Welsh is 7. I don't think it really matters if you're going to Infantry or not.

    I'm going on Welsh Challenge hopefully.
  11. Cool thanks for that... I'm looking foward to it looks like ill be seein some of you guys there then ;-)
  12. Inf is 7 weeks,
    Other arms is 5 weeks ,
    I've been a DS on 2 summer challenges and the Inf CIS course has to be longer due to the extra stuff covered.

    And no you do not get weekends off- You'll be lucky if you get any days off.
    Adventure training for 2-3 days then phase1 ,phase2 then CMSR.
    The sylabus is the same as the weekends but it is back to back.
    Take a sense of humour 'cos you will need it. also keep a perspective on it. it is a long time but once its complete you are a trained soldier.
  13. It all depends on whose running it.
    Midlands Challenge is 3 weeks long - the basic course ie Phase 1 training. With CIC starting the day after, and running for 2 weeks. So it is actually 2 seperate courses. But lots of people do them all in one long stint.
  14. summer challenge is a 7 week course for everyone.

    first 4 weeks are basic training that everyone does

    week 5 is a "relaxed" week of adventure training

    weeks 6 + 7 are your "trade traning" eg someone joining RA does his/her guns course, someone joining inf does advanced inf course etc

    This is going by what happened at last years summer challenge Scotland. I presume any other courses will may vary for example Shamrock Challenge in Norn Iron is only 4 weeks and only consists of basic training.
    (Insert jokes about planting potatoes and digging for peat here)
  15. Is there any info on Shamrock Challenge on the net, I googled it but didnt come accross anything.

    I suppose this years one is already full :(