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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blueface, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Im currently looking at joining the TA and these roles stand out :-
    royal artillery,AS90,Rapier,HVM Is it possible to join these as a T,A also
    royal engineers,building materials tech,carpenter joiner,ground crew any info on this would help .
    royal logistic corps/ logistic support driver,specialist driver .
    i have an interest in these jobs and an honest opinion on these would guide me in the right direction like :-where the regiments are base and operations engagement rules how hard the training is and generall T,A Requirements.
  2. Post it in a few more forums just in case. 3 isn't enough.
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  3. I think the TA RA still have rapier, could be wrong.

    You job role tends to depend on the unit you join, what area are you looking at, location wise?
  4. I think the Gunners use HVM, they are in Southampton and London. If I were joining the TA new and there were sappers near me thats what I would join (personal choice).

  5. north west but will travel to the right destination for the perfect role.
    I have posted this a few times now sorry for the progressive posting but i have gave myself three choices to narrow down to one the perfect role for embarking on a serious job.
  6. Do you have ex reg experience ?
  7. You'd travel half way across Britain for a TA unit?

    Perhaps you should focus on your main career first, and base your location on that?
  8. i do have ex reg exp-i passed out as an infantryman,but it was the wrong role i mean i was an average jo not the best but deffo not the worst always finished in the front on tabs average running times on the 1.5 miler good shot etc mint kit prep-pritty popular guy in the platoon i just felt i was in the wrong job,
  9. Well at least you never went AWOL
  10. exsactly!!!
  11. OK your nearest Rapier unit is in Wolverhampton

    Nearest units I would say with my limited knowledge of Northern England

    103 Regt RA (V)
    •RHQ, 213 (HQ) Battery RA(V) - St Helens
    •208 (3rd West Lancashire) Battery RA(V) - Liverpool - Light Gun
    •209 (The Manchester and St Helens Artillery) Battery RA(V) - St Helens - Light Gun
    •D Troop - Manchester - Light Gun
    •216 (The Bolton Artillery) Battery RA(V) - Bolton - Light Gun

    And a bit further a field

    101 Regt RA(V)

    •203 (Elswick) Battery RA(V) - Blyth - MLRS
    •204 (Tyneside Scottish) Battery RA(V) - Newcastle Upon Tyne - Surveillance Target Acquisition
    •205 (3rd Durham Volunteer Artillery) Battery RA(V) - South Shields - MLRS
    •269 (West Riding) Battery - Leeds - Surveillance Target Acquisition
  12. Only Southampton has HVM, London and Wolverhampton have Rapier FSC
  13. so whats the commitment have to be like ive read weekend training and drill nights,on weekends but thats about it ,plus does the T,A unit have all the regiments under one roof ?
  14. What happened with your AWOL thing? You didn't answer The_Snail yesterday.
  15. that was a long time ago also i wasnt even awol i was told that i should of just handed myself in straight away and then discharge because i had lots of interviews with nco about leaving plus i should of changed reg when asked if i wanted to ,so its all my fault for fkin it up lol
    i do miss my sa80 though i want it back !!!!!plus my army number has been branded in my skull for life HOORAA