T.A Recruitment querey?

Well where do i start, basically I was due to go in as a regular on the 8th of January this year into the "The Rifles" regiment, loved everything about it from the interviews to Pre-ADSC to the actually ADSC I did in Pirbright. Anyway i got up to Catterick as scheduled & started to have real doubts about some things in my personal life (my missus who i've been with for 7 years), i think it just really hit home that this was a big change and i just couldn't go through with it i felt like i was abandoning her & everyone else close to me (personally everyone crying etc in the morning really didn't help how i felt in the morning), so then i had plenty of time to sit there & stew about it all on the way up there for 6 hours on the train.

So i came back THE NEXT DAY (didn't sign my contract to do the mandatory 28 days), which in all honestly i really didn't want to but just let my conscience get the best of me, thing is i think everyone sort of thought i wasn't even giving it a go so to speak, problem i felt was that the longer i stayed i just knew the more id become attatched & the bigger the dilemma would of became for me so like i said i came back.

Now i've enrolled at my local college & i'm due to go in september to start an access to higher education course which will grant me entry in to uni within a year so looking forward to that, & just started working again yesterday.

Basically theres nothing else id really rather do than be in the army so i'm sort of lost still at the moment anyway, but if i can't go full time then at least if i go T.A i could definetley deal with the whole missus thing, im wondering that because i left regular before it even started basically would it be a problem for me to join the T.A Now? because obviously after you discharge regulars your not allowed back to start the process again for a while depending on your report i had my army number my certificate saying i've passed ADSC & my oath of allegiance. I just don't want the whole process & what it took to get me there from my side & the armys to be a waste. What id like to know is:

Will I even have a report?
Could I go to the careers office & join the T.A Today still even after my regulars issue?, if so does it matter what careers office i go to?

My run time was always ok nothing special always in between 9:20 & 9:50 for the 1/5 mile run, press ups were 81 in 2 mins, sit ups 69, heaves were 11. Don't know if the fitness requirements are different or not?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Looking to go into "The Rifles" TA detachment 6 Rifles, either in Bristol or in Taunton.


You're going to get a range of responses which will probably include "Man the **** up!", and anonymous aspersions cast about your commitment, this being the Internet and Arrse only having a couple of Recruiters on the team. I'd suggest that you either a), ask the professional recruiters at the CIO, or b), ring the TAC of your choice and ask them.
Bear in mind you will still have to leave home for longer than 24-48hrs even in the TA, I'm no expert though myself, but I'm sure the TA chaps will pop in to comment and make you feel better after your traumatic stint with the Regs.
As you were attested we'd still have to send off the special enlistment form(Fsd203) to APC Glasgow who will make the decision whether or not you can rejoin the armed forces. Your recruiter will be informed of their decision. If this all happened recently i would expect you to have to wait for 12months or so before you applied as your circumstancs have not changed. The same circumstances that you blame in your post.

i dealt with someone who did exactly the same as you recently as it happened several years ago and there was a newborn baby in the picture as well.I argued the case he deserved another shot as his circumstances had changed. It has been passed on to a higher authority.

In your case i believe your recruiting staff let you down and did not emphasise enough the separation involved and how to deal with it. I would not have allowed you to carry on with the application process until i was confident you knew and understood fully the ramifications of joining the regular army.

Your family didnt help either with the weeping and wailing. Did you decide to apply on your own or did you discuss it with you partner first? When you join the regulars your family comes with you. They must be a part of your decision making process.
I decided for myself that i wanted a change of direction career wise which is still the case, hence the reason i haven't gone back to my old job & am now going back to college. It wasn't a "traumatic" expierience, it was everything i expected & nothing less. I don't have a problem with going away, I just think i felt that being unable to reassure her or myself of whether & when we were going to be seeing each other again was a bit selfish on my behalf, could of been based in Chepstow, Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Bulford or Germany & I like i said my conscience got in the way of that whether thats right or wrong thats what happened. I've worked away for a few months before in my old job so like i said I can handle being away for a while but maybe years was a bit harsh on her i thought. But obviously i'm my own man i understand that everyone involved in my process would feel let down & like i've wasted everyones time like I said i wouldn't want that to be the end of it hence the reason im asking around. I agree with what alot has been said & obviously im dissapointed aswel.

Thanks for replys
Hi mate your post left me a little bit lost in my thoughts... I just wish I had the opportunity to join the regulars.. anyway my point of view is that the best thing is to face anything that is thrown to you and speak to the recruitment office. If you are in Bristol, they are very helpful and no beating round the bush. I was there a few weeks ago and they pointed me in the right direction. Rifles in Bristol are great lads and all the guys I met are committed to the job. In my own point of view you should analyse why you want to join. Seeing the direction of the army and their targets for 2020, this is the place to take it seriousely and give the maximum commitment.. I personally think a battle camp and a few weekends in 6 months would be ridiculous to say the least. Even though it s a 'part time' , one cannot rely on the Tuesday session, so it is YOU who has to make up for all the lost training! You must at least train and study any notes you have taken 5 times a week, then perhaps you can be somewhere close to a regular. My missus moans and cries as well mate... but what do you want? If you plan to join the TA just to be a soldier and then dodge the call for deployment, then just dont bother IMHO. If not .. just go to the recruitment office.. there might be a position waiting for you.
Wishing you all the best of luck with your decision
Ares79, yea it's a pain in the ass & I think the problem was while I was going through the whole selection process is obviously you have to be optimistic about the whole thing so I was just sort of deceiving myself all the while at the time I think thinking as an idealist at the time saying for example " Its what i want to do with my life, so if she wants to be with me that badly then she'll put up with it ", but like i've said thats where my conscience came into to play suppose i'm a bit of a soft c*nt when it comes to her. Anyways I know what an opportunity was infront of me with the regulars and i still to this day wish I was in there I would of loved nothing better than to go all over the place, meet different people, do & see things hardly anyone would! who wouldn't be there? I wouldn't of gone through the whole selection process if i didn't want to actually do it, getting in the army is no easy feat these days. I realise the T.A do go away on deployment & oversea's training but obviously i'd be coming back after a stint away & life would return to regular again (bar i get blown up or shot lol), but the T.A work wise like you said is every tuesday evening then you do a weekend every month from what i've been told so far. Any reason you can't join the regs? Ares79? thanks for the post!
I think you have you have a think about your commitments.

Joining the regular army, is a shock to the system, its not a new job, its a whole new way of life. And in fairness, I think you should have at least completed the 28 days.

If you join the TA, the name of the game is deployment, and that means going away for a period of time. If you cannot commit to that, you really have no business being there, maybe cadet IA, or similar, might fit the bill.

Step back and think about where you want to go in the future. I am saying this because it's to easy to do a bullshit mickey mouse uni course that 6 months after graduating is not worth the paper its written on or the debt you are saddled with. Make sure you can get a career out of it.

Don't base your life around someone else, you'll end up looking back in the future, with a lot of would have, could have should have regrets. If she is fine with you going to uni, and planting your head in a book for 4 years, she'll be fine with the army.

For the rest of my serman, go to YouTube and look up everybody's free (use sun block), while I go figure out when I became a soppy C#nt.
If you are in bristol, have a look at 39sigs. The do UK ops. Think Electrian Driver (ED), not operator though. Get a trade you can use to fall back on.
Any reason you can't join the regs? Ares79? thanks for the post!
I cannot join the regulars cos I just turned 33. I moved to England and had to wait for a period of time as resident before I could apply.. that period of time was over 3 weeks ago, and so I applied (still tried for regulars but of course i' s over age :(.... )
I live about 20 minutes away from the uni I'm planning on going to (the campus i'll be studying on) i'm not going to be going to be studying something like History of Art for example, and so i'm not going to be "away planting my head in a book" for four years, Not that what i'm going to be studying is relevant &whether you an expert on what gets people jobs & what doesn't. You think i didn't think about doing the 28 days? the reason i didn't is because i knew & know i enjoy it and would just make my position even more awkward with my partner because i would of became attatched to the Army even more.

I can see what it looks like obviously, i'm not basing my entire life around anyone or anything, this was a sacrifice i've made and of course i'm not and wasn't happy about the whole thing. But i'm not going to blame her for me coming back it was my decision whether she was the main cause or not, i'm not trying to dwell on this or argue about anything whether anyone can understand my point of view or not, all i wanted was info about the T.A.

Thanks for replys
Cal, as in the regular army, best place to get info about TA is from the source in person. From my own minuscule experience, a short trip to the TA coy you wanna join will serve you best! Officers in charge of recruitment are there to help, explain and answer any of your questions and this stuff is best done face to face. Plus you get the benefit of meeting some of your potential colleagues and maybe new friends and see if you fit right in. There is Infantry, Artillery and Signals TA and sure there is more just in Bristol alone. At the end of the day TA could help you integrate the army in your day to day life, thus the missus will understand how important this is to you and perhaps you get your second chance to join the regulars if you choose to.
Just wanted to mention the level of your fitness is good for 6 Rifles. The aim is 10 minutes for the 1.5 mile run and depending on your age for push up sit ups and heaves, but as you described in your first post you should do well with those numbers.
Just tell me a little thing Did you decide to apply on your own or did you discuss it with you partner first? When you join the regulars your family comes with you. They must be a part of your decision making process.
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