T.A. Pay. How much did you actually take home?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Less than £500

  2. £500 - £1000

  3. £1000 - £1500

  4. £1500 - £2000

  5. £2000 - £2500

  6. £2500-£3000

  7. £3000 - £4000

  8. Over £4000

  9. Not applicable to me (Vote to see results)

  1. i know there have been lots of threads with the word "pay" in the title. However, here's a simple enough question:

    How much T.A. pay did you take home last year?

    I'm thinking of the average reasonable attender in the junior ranks who wasn't on OPs or unusually long courses etc. Including bounty.

    That said it should form an interesting survey anyway.

    "back in the day" we used to say that you earned just enough to pay your bar bill and to buy essential kit that didn't get issued so feel free to knock that bit off!

    The "not applicable" vote is so those who just wish to see the results can do so without skewing the outcome. (Like me!)
  2. A bump to keep the poll open...
  3. Since my pay for Dec - Mar didn't go in until after the end of the financial year, my P60 was light to the tune of about a quarter. Still, a hundred-ish days as a Capt Level 5 pays for half of Mrs Fas' shoe shopping habit, I suppose.

    Life does seem to be getting incrementally busier. Fifteen years ago I had to work really hard to find a hundred days worth of training to do, now it's exactly the opposite, I struggle to find things that I can wriggle out of without feeling like a slacker.
  4. All depends how long you've been in though doesn't it? First year bounty is £405 rising to £1500 ish in the fifth year. Also nationally recruited units don't have the same oportunities to earn as someone in an independant unit.
  5. I may be a bit out of date with this one but my last pay parade yielded £14. Hope this helps.
  6. Also, people who've been in five years are likely to have some rank. I also suspect that Officers and SNCOs are over-represented in the ranks of ARRSE.

    Still, it's interesting the way it's trending. I should have put in some higher bands - that's surprised me.
  7. I don't know what you're wingeing about. That was still 3360 pennies.
  8. Which works out to 70 pounds in old money (or a shade under 32kg). ;)
  9. Set of '37 Pat webbing then.
  10. Would be worth a lot more now, if he'd saved it. What's the current price of copper?
  11. Well, you can recruit a 'Special' Constable, for free.
  12. Well it looks like I should have covered a wider range of pay!

    Most seem to have cleared over £4000 which I find somewhat surprising.

    the percentage figures are skewed because of the option to just view the results but a simple breakdown at present is 28 earned less than £4000 and 21 earned more.

    If we can keep it going for a couple of weeks I'll prepare some stats. Forgive teh odd bump to bring it back on the lists.
  13. I did over 80 days (I'm not saying how many over) so my figures will be high, however I did a bit of a straw poll last night and the average was around £2-3K amongst the toms. (Cpl down)
  14. just click "view results" like i did
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It was 15 years ago, and wasn't off on ops, but I managed to bounce back with approx. £4,500 in my last T.A. year as a Pte. This was as all the weekends I could get on, one evening per week without fail, 2 week Sniper instruction for Sniper recruits (me as instructor), 2 weeks annual camp and 2 weeks Sniper Concentration plus my full bounty for that year.

    I wasn't doing it just for the money; I was just making the most of it.

    Hoping to go back in later this month, but work and family might curtail that sort of income from the T.A. in the first year.