T.A on Op Herrick

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by welsh_lad14, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. What does the T.A do on Op herrick do they get involved like the regular soldier say for instance infantry, does the T.A soldier go out on patrols, assaults etc ... do exactly the same as his regular buddy ?
  2. "One Army", Taff.
  3. Depends on how hes deployed.

    Some are used as individual replacementsand just slot into regular units and perform the same duties as the regulars.
    Some deploy as formed units and quite often are used as force protection at Camp Bastion. That said I'm fairly sure some of these formed units have gotten into serious contacts out on the ground.

    That said I'm not TA, I'm not a Reg I'm a student so that could all be balls.
  4. spot on Rusty . It has in the past depended a little on whether you are an IA or deployed as a formed unit.
  5. As the above poster said.Depends on what unit is doing .Force protection has to be done .
  6. My lot 6th rifles have deployed twice as formed cmpys on herrick 5/9 doing force protection at bastion but it soon changed to doing convoy protection as well as doing all other force protection jobs at bastion on herrick 5, which there r alot, we also had to supply a number of lads on herrick 9 to 1 rifes to operate on the omlet teams as well as looking after bastion which is where sgt chris read was killed, again 2 rifles whanted as many lads from 6/7 to go as IR within the battlion there were alot that went the lads r doing everthing from rifleman to FSg to section commander, and again 3 rifles want as many again doing the same thing, if ure thinking of going i would go as IR with a reg battlion
  7. And the TA Fd Hospitals deploy as a unit to run the hospital at Bastion.
  8. Ahhh right i get you

    3 Royal Welsh (TA) are supplying a 100 soldiers to the 2nd battalion Royal Welsh so does that mean there will be alot more action for those boys?
  9. D (RIFLES) Coy, 5 RRF recent deployements:

    For HERRICK 7 sent 5 (I think) individuals with the 7 RIFLES Force Protection Coy (mix reg & TA) and one bloke with 2 YORKS OMLT.

    For HERRICK 8 they sent 10 as indiviuals with 5 SCOTS completely integrated into the Bn i.e. Rifle Coy, Mor & Recce.

    Currently on HERRICK 10 they've got a formed Force Protection Platoon (with some Fusiliers) for a Port and Maritime unit in Kabul.

    Oh and two have just come back from Op TOSCA in Cyprus - a TA Div composite Coy "patrolling" the line.

    Numbers may be a couple more than quoted but it gives you an idea of the range of tasks available. It does all depend on the unit you deploy with and then individual skills compared to your regular counterparts.

  10. In my corps TA soldiers are NOT supposed to go to the FOBS as attachments, though we have had some go out as mentors to the ANP. Otherwise we just slot right in where needed.
  11. Bizarre - I thought Kabul was quite a long way from the sea. Have I missed something?
  12. The TA have been employed in many varied roles and in all ranks from Pte to Colonel, both as IA's, formed units and command appointments.
  13. Yes you have. Everyone knows about the major international sea port there. People's geography nowadays is just shocking!

    (We are just as confused as you are...)

  14. As previous posts have said, it varies a lot. Mates of mine in the RMR were on force protection, but other mates have had quite ally jobs. HAC did BRF on Herrick 6, warned off for the same gig on Herrick 12. Other Herricks they've done FST roles. 21 and 23 have done ANA mentoring tasks over the last few tours.

    Go FTRS and you can even do gucci stuff like train to be a FAC / JTAC.
  15. I'm very much hoping to do a tour with the aforementioned TA infantry unit after my university course finishes in the summer of 2010. Should I try to dodge their formed unit deployment in 2010 (the SgtMaj didn't mention a more specific date) and try to go IR instead, if I want the hairy stuff?

    Won't this be considered a snub to the formed unit?