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T.A. officer lancashire constabulary


Hi, suppose this is a specific question asking for advice to any T.A. personnel who currently serive with the Lancashire Constabulary Police.

Basically I want to know how your superviser has reacted to this. Have you got your extra two weeks leave.?

I have been considering this for a while but would like to know how you have got on. This is not just officer based but any rank in general.

P.S. before you have a pop at any spelling or grammar note the day and time plus plenty of alcohol consumed by myself whilst typing.


Lancs must be very generous giving you two weeks leave on top of your entitlement.

Most forces break it down to X number of days extra annual leave and x days special (discretionary at local level) leave for weekend camps.

Normally a 2 week camp costs you some of your own leave. Combining the two entitlements as above is best discribed as a 'Spanish Practice'


Thanks for your reply it is slightly helpfull.

Is anybody else out there who serves with any other police force in England or Wales that is in the T.A. Im just working out as to what different policies they have regards being in the T.A. I want to know if they are ok with you serving in the T.A.
It's down to your Chief Con - or so I was told...

You have to have a letter signed by them saying that you are able to do both as each force has a quota of people that they let join/stay in the TA.

However, that info is about a year old and things might have changed since then. Best advice is to ask on as I know there are a few TA police officers on there ;)
I know the Met now make you sign an agreement promising not to become a Reservist.
always thought you couldent be in both anyway? When I tried to join plod years ago I remember that being in the regulations.
datumhead said:
always thought you couldent be in both anyway? When I tried to join plod years ago I remember that being in the regulations.

Depends on the Constabulary.


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I have no experience of the Police but was a civil servant for a while. I was informed that all Government and Local Government employees were entitled to two weeks additional paid leave for TA camp.

I worked at a University (after graduation, not as a student) as well and they did the same.

It would be surprising if the Police recieved less than civil servants.


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